cerebro_02There is a pattern and practice of thinking. In that practice sits a modality. In that modality sits an ugly and beautiful reality. In that reality awaiting you is UNDERSTANDING. Science has predicted one’s actions by labeling it Psychology. What science cannot do is predict your thoughts. Science can predict the thought you had by measuring and recording your responses to stimuli.  You have within a genetic universe filled with thoughts. The process used to take a particular thought from the many can be summed up in one word……..magnificent. How does that one thought chosen become a catalyst for chaotic discussions among those who’ve done the same process you’ve partaken in? This chaotic stance two people take when an ideology arises has a very explainable position. The position one must take in coming to mental agreements with another person isn’t complex at all. The complexity lies within the understanding of your approach. You have negated to take notice and grow beyond three minds you have amassed during your tenure on Earth. You have negated to see the lie science has dealt you in conforming your realities to accept having ONE mind to solve all things that require THINKING!

The human experience has a secret of a secret not shared with the so-called misfortunates. It would be a great disservice to give it a Masonic origin, because the Masonic origin derives from it. Once the human brain can accept it has created 3 minds, it can easily digest truth. The 3 minds you’ve created to deal with this matrix still cannot defy the universal principle of 2. You must simultaneously use 2 of your 3 minds at all times to view everything 2 ways to perfect your perception of your human experience. Without mastering the usage of the universal principle of 2, along with masterfully chiseling your perspective, you’ll forever be lost, and a slave to the proverbial Matrix.

1. Religious Mind

A religious mind is the most dangerous of all minds.  It inherits its danger from your lineage of ancestors who denied you a freedom to choose.  It is imposed upon you from the moment you are injected from a phallus into a vagina.  Your mother mentally, literally, preaches you a sermon before you ever began proving to her you even existed.  What’s even more impacting and relentless is the moment your mother becomes aware of your gestation in her belly, she will intensify her religious mantras, because in her religious mind, you COULD ONLY BE THERE BY WAY OF GOD.  The mind you have as an embryo will be thwarted and cut off.  It will hear the harmonic sounds of your mom’s hums and begin to mentally dance to those hymns and praises.  The embryo will do what it’s mind is to naturally do………………..ADAPT and ADOPT!

As adult products of this oft-repeated process, if it’s continued as an inheritable practice, it prevents us from totally understanding our human experience.  We measure everything according to “OUR RELIGION”!  We rarely scan “OUR RELIGION” for its defects, because we’ve totally accepted it has supremacy above all.  Unbeknownst to us we’ve literally become a sentinel to ourselves.  We’ve become viruses to a beautiful bodily mainframe called our brains.  This will leave us always in ridicule mode.  Our ONLY measure of right and wrong will be a thing you had NO freedom to choose.  It will leave you never questioning anything beyond 10 steps in front of you.  You’ll feel no need to, because God will take care of it.  You will totally negate YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS TAKING CARE OF THE VERY THING YOU SAID GOD WAS TAKING CARE OF.

 2. Educated Mind

This mindset is what most to all seek to achieve.  It’s value is echoed relentlessly by elders and educators the moment you enter into forums of schooling.  It is heralded as the infamous “pie in the sky” and your savior.  You are punished for it.  Your are mocked for not having it.  You are given a sense of betterment above others you grow up with if you master it.  Those that don’t are told they are less than you, and just didn’t work as hard as you.  This mind’s glory is cemented in achieving a piece of paper dignifying completion.  That is its totality of fulfillment.

This mind unlike the religious mind does have its benefits.  It doesn’t prevent you from questioning.  It doesn’t promote a “cycloptic” view of the world.  It mandates a continuance of education as a mode of financial gain.  However, what this mind does not offer is flexibility.  This mind is where your self esteem and self worth are shattered or overly exaggerated.  You begin to adopt a disdain for people strictly on the basis of having a piece of paper like you.  Your religious mind as a child and teen aids in this regard, because it will determine how you treat these people.  Your attitude towards others cannot be attained here, nor can it be maintained here.  Literally, the more education one has, the more that person is closed minded.  Some of the most stubborn people on this planet are those beholding of PhD’s and Master degrees.  Their sense of achievement combined with the striving thereof, has kept them isolated from the morality of their Gods, and forced them to adopt a field slave mentality of work work work.  The only way they can get to the house is via a better degree.

3. Natural Mind

The greatest mind of all 3 is the Natural Mind.  It is what you incarnated here with.  It was perfectly built to aid your soul experiencing this human phenomenon.  This mind is pure in essence and outright punishing in action.  It knows no other methodology beyond surviving comfortably.  It sees, hears, smells, taste, and touches all necessary to deduce maximum understanding.  No one nor anything can persuade it to stop or kill itself.  IT WILL LIVE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

This mindset is the ONLY of all 3 that utilizes every aspect of it’s anatomy to produce the most colorful picture of life it can perceive.  It cares not to be told what a God said to do or not.  It cares not to hear it’s existence announced over a microphone to win an award.  It knows it is the award.  It knows no higher honor than being itself.  It eliminates one’s ability to cheat you.  It eliminates one’s ability to feed your ego.  It eliminates one’s ability to negate your progression.  IT IS THE BEST YOU THAT YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE WHILE ACTUALLY LIVING IT.

Very few understand the prevalent gift of understanding how to utilize these 3 minds to navigate this plane.  A Natural Mind must be used at all times with either an Educated Mind or a Religious Mind.  The Natural Mind is your ELIXIR of BALANCE.  It is your cheat code, if used, that will magnify clarity beyond your imagination.  The Natural Mind must NOT be avoided when dissecting all things you’ve learned via religion or school.  Even in your everyday interactions with fellow human beings, a Natural Mind reigns supreme.

I challenge all to understand they have 3 minds, and to know 2 of them were forced upon them while 1 was chosen freely.  Why not use your freedom to examine things thwarted upon you as a validation mechanism?  Your understanding depends on it.  Your perception depends on it.  Your experience depends on it.  Your comfort depends on it.  The very oxygen you breathe depends on your ability to see Nature in everything you hear, taste, smell, touch, and say.  There is nothing wrong with having a religious mind and combining it with an educated mind.  The result can only be synthetic.  I encourage you to analyze the world to achieve authentic realities.

“An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex”.

Aldous Huxley


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