Pitiful explanations arise when hearing multiple definitions of what one considers real. Even more laughable,  the notion of being from an impoverished neighborhood somehow propelling you to martyrdom! Neither makes sense to a sensible person, but let’s explore this viral ideology for what it is and isn’t. It is not, what you think it is in any kind of imaginable folly you could muster in your mind. It is, a fabricated injustice to all those who actually put in due diligence to achieve.

Firstly, let’s access your mental capacities and diagnose where the issue of being praised for being a “street ni77a” arose. As far as back as the mid ’80’s, the street persona has been given a media personality. The media has taken this personality on its back, sat it down, brandished makeup,  and clothed it appropriately to fit all presumed cultural depictions. The “street ni77a” persona wasn’t created using a suit and tie and Wall St. Nor was it created at your nearest universities with high academic standards. This facade was meshed into these paradigms and garnered commercialized praise boasting significance social status, while simultaneously validating imaginary, impoverished living conditions, paramount to winning an NAACP Image Award.

Needless to say, music and sports didn’t help.  Sports and Rap webbed intimately within the confines of relatability. What do poverty stricken kids do?…………they go to school, LEAVE, and look for any semblance of credibility. The rapper and sports player is echoing subconsciously, “hey……..I’m just like you……..a street ni77a”!

Debunking this “street ni77a” mentality is superficially very, very easy!  However, it will take more than me writing an article to undo the chainlink-psyche of the youth to accomplish deprogramming. As with all debunking, you do exactly what was done to undo the sorcery.  Since it was words that flooded the minds to produce this masquerade, it is words that should be used to explicitly show 90% of you who presume to be “street ni77as” are NOT at all!

street (n.)
Old English stret (Mercian, Kentish), stræt (West Saxon) “street, high road,” from Late Latin strata, used elliptically for via strata “paved road,” from fem. past participle of Latin sternere “lay down, spread out, pave,” from PIE *stre-to- “to stretch, extend,” from root *stere- “to spread, extend, stretch out” (see structure (n.)).

structure (v.)
“put together systematically,”

As you can see, the term street has NOTHING to do with drugs, guns, murders, fights won, fights lost, etc. It simply means “SYSTEMATICALLY PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER”! As an honest sentient being, contemplating for a mere 30 seconds, you can’t honestly count the number of “street ni77as” you know on one hand. This ideology isn’t your issue. Your issue is your willingness to admit first ,you’re wrong, and secondly, society is wrong with its systematic building of the “street ni77a” image. I personally know a few intellectually minded people who have  put together systems of winning. How many do you know? An even better question is, how many have you given street cred to that didn’t deserve it?

We all want noteworthy praises. However, the “street ni77a” barometer is set so low an ant could win an Olympic gold medal clearing it with a high jump of 9ft at the annual Ant Mound Olympic trials! Those guys on the corners are NOT “street ni77as”! They are just some “in the street ni77as”! There’s a big, big difference as wide as the Milky Way galaxy.

The veneer of this “in the streets ni77a”, really, is a supreme insult to those actually out in the streets building. It’s so pathetic, the misnomered “street ni77as” will rarely support the authentically visible “street” cats. That is part an parcel to a facetious notion of societal supremacy as it relates to pop culture accepting a lie as truth. Sure, this is a viral paradox in our society, but you can eliminate part of the cancer by injecting your mental vaccinations to the societal ulcers, and orating the significance difference to our youth. It won’t be easy. We all know this. BUT, an alarm has been sounded and once “genuine people” get tired of this pseudo “in the street ni77a”, the real STREET cats will move freely allowing them power to navigate the turbulent waters of Solution Ocean!

There’s no shame in denouncing a prestige given you that you didn’t earn. More so, there is infinite shame in you possessing a moniker not befitting.

If you haven’t stretched your knowledge abroad, extended your wisdom, and spread it amongst your brethren, YOU ARE NOT BEING STREET AT ALL!……………………………………………………..period!

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