Yamaha Concept Bicycle & Rechargeable Portable Battery

Cycling is already a green choice, but now Yamaha are looking to up the environmental credentials of two wheels even further. The brainchild of Senior Product Designer Jose Gonzáles (not the singer-songwriter), this chic new concept bike comes paired with a cycle-stand that can be used to charge its very own portable battery. Encased in smooth, beautiful bamboo, the battery can be plugged into any conventional DC appliance to power it entirely, without the need for mains electricity. It even has its own handy leather carry case to take it on the road, wherever you go.While it’s unlikely this is going to prove enough to power all the appliances in your life, there’s absolutely no denying this is one seriously fine looking bit of design. Hell, the the bike is worth owning for its looks alone. Unfortunately, all signs point towards this being something of a vanity project, and we’ve not been able to find any details of a price or sale date. Still, sometimes it does no harm to dream…