The game that is being played on you black man is Jesus and Christ are two different people/entities.  This is why it is crucially paramount you read the Bible for yourselves.  When you cannot get an understanding of what you’re reading, DO NOT SEEK COUNSEL FROM THE PASTORS YOUR MOTHERS HAVE SUGGESTED TO YOU YOUR ENTIRE LIVES.  If your salvation is so important to you, learn the original tongue of your Bibles which is Hebrew and get exactly the unedited versions given to you by your churches.

Your churches have a holy alliance with the United States government via a tax exempt status.  They do not utilize this status to better the lives of black people.  They don’t go out and buy land.  They don’t give back to the community via building businesses, nor do they support business ideas of their very own congregation.  The communities you live in dwindle rapidly, but your churches seem to get better and better and better.  Do you deny what your eyes see?  Yes you do and do it with such humility that it’s sickening.

You keep your elderly members in control of your treasury departments of your churches.  These people have your interest at the bottom of their feet.  They don’t care about the children in their churches.  You don’t have ONE idea what they do with the money they collect from you weekly and why?  Ironically, these same elders will attempt to tell you what to do with your money and call it advice.  Christianity has taught you NOT to disrespect your elders.

An elder is a person who aids in your wisdom and understanding, so to disrespect a person who is 80 years old that has never aided you in any form or fashion, is not disrespecting him or her.  Your elders literally think just questioning them is grounds of disrespect.  This is purely a facet of slavery they’ve held on to and pushed upon you.  Do not attend a church you cannot ask questions.  Do not attend a church that doesn’t answer your questions.  Quit sitting there wondering and feeling a sense of guilt about what you don’t understand and feel.


Is it not evident to you Jesus has done nothing for you?  Consider how you received any information about Jesus and Christian traditions.  You were told Santa Claus brings you gifts down a chimney, yet your houses didn’t have chimneys.  You were told Jesus died on a cross and rose in three days.  Yet Friday to Sunday is NOT three days.  You ignore Easter doesn’t happen on the same day each year which is preeminent evidence of a lie cause a man can ONLY have one death date.  Your churches celebrate a thing called Halloween and has never explained its connection to Jesus yet.  How can you as a man fill your seed with this nonsense and claim to love them so much?  You force your sons to sit amongst women in church who don’t cater to them and their manly upbringings.  The men in your churches don’t have programs that cater to your sons being men.  Christ did not attend church ONE day.  Why are you there every week looking for Christ?  Christ isn’t in there, but Jesus is!


SOUTH CAROLINA SHOULD BE YOUR PROOF THAT JESUS IS NOT FOR YOU!  Jesus could not stop bullets.  Jesus could not hear prayers of those crying in that church before their murders.  Jesus could not reach a little white kid and convince him what he was doing was wrong.  However, you pray and pray over and over for naught!  If you get stranded on side of the road due to a flat tire, will you pray to Jesus?

NO you won’t.  You will use the GOD given abilities you were born with to solve the flat tire issue.  To ensure your programming is supreme, when you get the flat tire situation resolved by your own God given powers, you consciously give all the glory to a man on a picture!  SMH!  This is how hypnotically programmed you are.  You’ve been conditioned by women in your families to pray all day.  Does the warrior in you ONLY surface against your fellow man?


Jesus-Christ-Images-2I know most of you have no clue of the power of numbers behind a single thought.  I also know most of you have played sports at some points in your lives.  When a team is unified under ONE thought, what does the team do?  It WINS!  Can you not see this same principle played out via Christianity.

BUT, you aren’t winning and why?  Why doesn’t your people, the people who look like me and you, win using Christianity?  It is Christianity being displayed as we hung from trees.  It is Christianity being used to keep all your entertainers, athletes, and philanthropists from giving back to the very neighborhoods they were birthed in?

It is Christianity given to you as you entered the door of your kindergarten classrooms.  The very first thing you were taught is the pledge of allegiance.  Who are you pledging your allegiance to?  That’s right…..a flag.  A nation’s flag is it’s symbols representing its GOD, government, and its status.  You are pledging to whatever GOD the United States presents to the world.  That GOD is called Democracy.  Democracy is a two word application.  It is DEMO and CRACY.  Demo means to try out.

CRACY is a suffix meaning to rule or govern.  Black man the GOD you are pledging to is an experiment being tried out on you!  It is merely done under the auspices of Christianity to cement previous edicts akin the Christian Doctrine of Discovery.  If you’re not familiar with this doctrine, then get familiar with it.  This is your downfall in America.  This is why you worship a painting on walls of churches.

This is the doctrine used to make you believe in Jesus while negating the absolute true Christ!  Christianity did not exist in N. America before this.  Ask your pastors when they received their degrees to preach to you do they know of this.  They will lie and shuck and jive you.  They know, because it is part of the mandates they must learn when seeking their degrees to preach to you.

Take a look at your social mediums.  You will see grown, conscious men propagating how much of a devout Christian they are.  If you ask them something concerning their beliefs, they will merely say you gotta have faith.  This should be your indicator this man is feminine in mind and has nothing to offer you beyond jargon.  Most Christians don’t correlate their Bibles with history.

They don’t even care to go beyond it.  This is NOT a manly quality.  These men, regardless of their ages, are women.  It is hidden by his gender, and your ideology of him as an elder, or a learned man.  The next bible study you attend take notice that it’s not actually studying about the bible.  It is a study of bible verses.  This is not how you were taught to study.  Below is what study means………………..:

1. [the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject, especially by means of books.]

At what point are you devoting your time in your churches during bible study, to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject using many books?  To attend a bible study and only use the bible as a means to gather knowledge, IS NOT STUDYING, let alone, a bible study session!
In closing, take mental inventory of all your visual experiences and how they made you feel overall.  Nothing in N. America has been structured to benefit you nor your family.  Everything in N. America has been strategically created with GOD in mind.  It is not your God though.  It is not benefitting you.
Your energies are maintaining your own demise.  Most of you know if you stop doing to churches your wives and girlfriends would leave you.  You may as well put on a leash!  Think for yourselves.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with venerating a deity you call GOD.  That’s a powerful thing.  There is absolutely grave injustice in venerating a GOD that looks identical to the people who enslaved you and your ancestors!

This is not about hate!

It is about becoming functionally aware of what you are empowering.  You have been given a noun in place of a verb to curb your actions to strictly be about IDEAS and not action.  Everybody knows these simple principles of empowerment but the N. American negro.  Everybody keeps these intimate details to themselves to maintain their heaven here on Earth.  How can the same GOD enrich them and enslave you at the same time?  How does this magic trick work?

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