Christianity is a psychological virus to manhood as a whole; especially, the so called black man of N. America. It is heavily coated with submission, cowardice, immorality, treachery, and effeminization! Most will blame slavery as the culprit for the N. American black male’s induction into this particular stupidity.

I beg to differ. The age of information has erased all emotional excuses to keep abreast the repetitive routines of bowing, and praying, and wishing, and hoping for a savior that looks nothing like you. The N. American black male knows in his soul Christianity is no benefit to him nor his progeny. He ignores his common sense and allows a nuclear bomb called feminine influence, to keep him saturated in a religion that was invented and continues to operate as a WHITES ONLY RELIGION!

What is a Christian?  Christians insist it means “followers of Christ”!  If given the liberty of beholding that definition, they are still in error in their expressive practices.  Christ was NEVER passive in his pursuit of righteousness.  Christ repeatedly states within the bible he was a Jew.  This means Jesus practiced Judaism.  This means your beloved Jesus was of the Tribe of Judah.  Christianity and Judaism are NOT the same religion nor practice.  The Sabbath would be Saturday.

Christians would NOT be eating pork, nor breaking any of the commandments Moses brought to the children of Israel.  Yet, in your denial of these facts, you ignorantly practice an invention and NOT Christ.  Furthermore, one of the more prevalent excuses Christians spew from their mouths is how much the OLD LAW is irrelevant.  Again, you ignore the absolute reason Christ said he came to the children of Israel.  In your bibles Christ says he came to change no laws ONLY  to fulfill the laws of old(Matthew 5:17).

What are the old laws?  Those laws would be in the forbidden old testament your pastors barely, if ever, turn the pages of.  You give your pastors too much credit for their negligence.  They know these truths you are reading; however, why would they divulge a truth to a people who claims to be readers of the very book their salvation is enclosed?  He’s of the mindset they couldn’t be reading the bible.  He/She knows if you were reading the book, you’d be questioning the nonsense preached on Sundays.  It is not his duty to save your soul!  IT IS YOURS!  You gaining knowledge would dampen his profits.  He is well aware of his Cadillac notes just as much as you brag about him being your pastor driving one.

CHRISTIANITY has convinced you to blindly cherish arguments and grievances as salvation.  Each and every last denomination blacks have adopted as a stairway to heaven, is the result of white men arguing over technical differences concerning little nuances such as prayer times, who can baptize, women participation, the sabbath day, tithes and taxation, crusades, how to treat slaves, who can sleep with boys and men, various sexual acts thought to be holy and unholy, and what to drink during communion.  Yes black men of N. America, this is where you get your spirituality from if you are a Christian.  More specifically, YOU CANNOT BE ANY OF THE LISTED DENOMINATIONS IF YOU DON’T FIT THE CRITERION:

Protestantism began in Germany……………………………………..
Lutheranism began in Germany………………………………………
Presbyterianism began in Britain……………………………………
Methodist began in Europe……………………………………………
Baptist began in Amsterdam………………………………………..

None of you belong to any of these European nations.  I know you think your Christianity comes from the bible.  NO….your Christianity is the sister to Catholic disputes and Catholic revolts.  White men could not get along, so each sect used scriptures in the bible as a means of doing God’s Will!  There is ONE thing these European nations agreed upon.  They all agreed to force you to serve their purposes and tax you for their quarrels and crusades to rebuild after all their senseless wars.  The very same thing exist today.  The Pope somehow swindled his almighty Papal Bull via the slaughtering of his own brethren to sit atop the proverbial religious mountain.

You, no matter how you look at it, are watered down Christians operating under the auspices of Catholicism.  Under the umbrella of Catholicism, these same Europeans of these Christian sects, agreed in various treaties to murder, rape, pillage, disease, molest, burn, hang, and literally destroy all your ancestral bloodlines here abroad in N. America.  Each time you practice Christianity, you are pitifully expressing the spiritual atrocities done to your ancestors.  The entire N. American religious practice is spiritually and financially kept alive by the Negro.  One would only need to take to trip to S. America to see the dividing agreements between the European nations.  They agreed S. America to be primarily Catholic and N. America to be primarily Protestant.  It is the same machine of yester-years that is being oiled and gassed by the black community!

The above paragraphs were a vague introduction to some historical facts concerning Christianity I know you didn’t know, but now let’s get very serious and very precise and very very technically REAL!


Christianity has given you nothing.  It has made you docile and lazy in spiritual and economic progress.  It has made you overlook, and forgive, and forgive, and forgive which is quite opposite of Christ in the bible.  It has made you overlook all the lies introduced to you by your very own mothers.  It has made you numb to the origin of your demise.  I know you love your mothers, but no mother continues to mistreat her children year after year after year, because she feels so strongly about a savior on a picture.  In her bible, idolatry is a sin, yet she encourages you to sin over and over and over.  Did she not experience the same lynchings of her sons and daughters?  Did she not experience the overly aggressive rapes from her Christian slave masters?  So why has the very woman you claim you’d die for never ever had a talk with you truly about practicing a religion that literally destroyed you?black-church-people-5111

Until you men can look at the women in your families the same way you look at the men they raised, you’ll never advance one step toward fixing your problems.  We all were force fed Christianity……..all of us by our moms.

The hypocrisy of it all is our very own mothers would give us a thrashing if we didn’t read in school and maintain a passing grade to her liking.  She didn’t do that same discipline regimen with herself as she forced you to take upon a religion she has never read.  My mother was no different from yours.  My mother still goes to church til this day.  It’s not my concern.

That’s her God………not mine.  When I, back in 1995, didn’t want my son eating pork, the very person giving me the biggest resistance to this was my mother.  So I understand wholeheartedly where most of you men are mentally with Christianity.  I know you’ve never given two shits about it.  I know most of you only go to church to appease your mothers, or to look for something new to have sex with, or to somehow wash away a sin you did Saturday night, or you continue to think somehow it’s the right thing to do.  None of these reasons make sense.

They don’t make sense, because the churches you attend are just really filled with the remnants of your traitorous elders,…….the men and women!  You know the routine of it with your eyes closed.  The preacher will pick two verses, grab his sweat rag, holler hallelujah for 30 minutes, pass a collection plate around, give you a calm benediction, and then send you on your way saying keep Jesus first.

You all know this to be absolute.  Sadly, the women in your families are religious enemies; especially, if you’ve discovered a certain level of consciousness.  It will men and women in your family circles telling you you’re crazy and insulting you and your awakened path chosen.  Get any kind of monies and what do they do?  I really don’t need to answer this question do I?  Women still, in 2015, tell you to humble yourselves to any injustices you may encounter.

They never encourage you to courageously seek knowledge beyond public schools, nor to associate yourselves with those fighting for the freedoms of black people……..never!  Christianity doesn’t lend itself to the ideology of group concerns.  It is the most selfish religion on the planet.  It centralizes your mindset to only being concerned about YOU!  It does lend itself to benefitting white causes, because it only was invented for white people!


Christ was murdered in your bibles.  He was not hung on a cross as taught in your churches.  You’ve seen this murdering practice over and over.  They show you over and over and over their preferred murderous practice of hanging the same way Christ was murdered in the bible.Negro-lynching-in-Indiana_1930

Acts 5:30
30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.

Acts 10:39
39 And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree:

Acts 13:29
29 And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulchre.

1 Peter 2:24
24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.