Watch The Making Of The Ferrari FXX K

Ferraris are not just pieces of art but also engineering marvels created by passion and a whole lot of money, but mostly passion. If you’ve loved the FXX K, then I really don’t need to explain all of this but if you don’t know this, then look at the picture at the top and you will keep ogling at it.

So if you’re done, then we can move on to dropping that jaw; forFerrarihas released a small video showing how the car was designed and this comes after the FXX K won the Red Dot Best of the Best Award.

There is no voiceover but you can witness how both the engineering and the styling designs achieved what they set out to. After countless hours working behind closed doors and numerous potential designs later the FXX K is basically the final draft.

According to Ferrari, designer Flavio Manzoni and his team at the Ferrari Styling Centre were tasked with keeping the LaFerrari’s looks intact while ensuring every new styling component was functional and every single line was created to enhance performance. The body panels had to be modified to increase the downforce and this is when innovations hit the table.

The LaFerrari FXX K is the track-only, experimental iteration of Maranello’s hybrid masterpiece. The not-road-legal FXXK gets the basic V12 engine with the addition of an electric drivetrain similar to the road-going LaFerrari but with a little more power. Total output stands at 1036bhp: 848bhp coming from the 6.3-litre naturally aspirated V12 (at 9200rpm) and 187bhp from the electric motor. There is no word on the 0-100km/h timing but if the LaFerrari can do that in 2.9 seconds, you can use your imagination to figure out how fast this one could be.

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