This may seem like a strange question, but, I MUST ask it anyway. Are men interested in marrying virgins anymore? I know of several men who’ve told me they do not care about virginity in a Woman and do not care to be with an inexperienced woman, according to them… they need a woman who is experienced(freaky).  I ask, because as I observe this generation and analyze the nature of relations between men and women, I often ask myself the question… to what depths will humanity sink to fulfill their most carnal desires?

It seems to no end. However, I think men should reconsider the ramifications and impact of their desires, and the toll they take on society. It is essential men reflect upon this, because it is part and parcel of what men complain about often when critiquing the sexual promiscuity of women. Today’s generation have a completely different idea of what a virgin is. A woman can have anal and oral sex and still be considered a virgin, simply because she has never had vaginal penetration.

When I was growing up, a virgin was a woman who hadn’t engaged in any forms of sexual intercourse. I have often seen MGTOW provide diatribes and dissertations stating female virgins shouldn’t be placed on pedestals, because they hold the same capacity to destroy a man’s life. I beg to differ on this point. While they do possess the equal potential to destroy a Man’s life, I think women virgins; especially, those who haven’t been orally/anally penetrated should have some form of a pedestal to be placed on.

For one, it shows she has an incredible amount of self restraint beyond the normal/average woman in this day and age. It also demonstrates her willingness to value her vagina and body in a way most women fail to do. It’s time to admit the edicts of “Ancient Man” were correct, and present day, provide the best forms and systems by which men and women should interact and reproduce. Especially, the Abrahamic faiths, and in particular, Islam.

Patriarchal Tribal Indigenous Cultures and the Abrahamic Faiths were strict about premarital sex for both men and women. It was maximally important for the virginity of women to be maintained at all cost, because virgins were the cultured preferences for procreation. In Matriarchal Pagan societies, virgins were often given as human sacrifices and virginity was usually frowned upon. Many of these pagan matriarchal cultures believed the more sexual partners a woman has, the more value she has. Let’s examine the scientific facts and reasons “Ancient Man” placed a high value upon female virginity.

1. THERE’S A LOT GOING ON IN THE VAGINA.vagina-lactobacillus-120502

A study conducted by University Of Maryland has found that the Woman’s Vagina is a battleground of Microbes. There is a lot of bacteria that changes throughout their lifetime. Some beneficial and some not. The changes in the beneficial bacteria can lead to various infections. Also each Vagina is unique and each has its own set of microbial bacteria and each changes at its own pace and intervals. Needless to say… without sexual activity there is a lot of biological influences occurring in a Woman’s Vagina without the interruption of the Man inserting himself in it.


“Ancient man” was very strict about Female Virginity specifically because of Telegony. Telegony is a theory in micro3heredity holding that offspring can inherit the characteristics of a previous mate of the female parent. Thus the child of a unwed Mother, widow, or remarried woman might partake of traits of a previous husband or sexual partner. Telegony was dismissed as theory and falsehood with the incline of modern genetic studies at the beginning of the 1900’s; however, a recent study from the University of New South Wales In Australia has proven that Telegony is real in Flies at least. They haven’t tested this in humans as of yet, and I am sure when they do they will find it occurs in humans as well. Once again “Ancient Man” was correct.


Women who have Male children carry Male DNA in their brains for the rest of their lives. Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington have found that women with sons carried fetal matter in their brains. The interesting thing is it has health benefits for women as well. In the video below there is other data showing it takes a woman’s body 6 months to acclimate itself to a sexual partner’s sperm, and how sexual intercourse with just one man changes her biological system forever.


New research from the National Marriage Project suggest women who have engaged in pre-marital sex tend to be less happier in marriage. In other words, when a woman has sex before marriage, it destroys her ability tospousebuzz_com-just-divorced truly bond with her husband in pair bonding. The studies however, do not hold the same for men. Men are unaffected in happiness if they engage in pre-marital sex. This means if your current wife was not a virgin chances are she isn’t happy in her marriage with you, and probably has a back up plan B in case things don’t work out with you as this study shows. Half of women who are married have a back up plan with their ex-boyfriend/husbands, colleague or gym buddies in case their current marriage doesn’t work out.

Now that I have presented the irrefutable scientific proof and facts, women who are virgins deserve some form of pedestal, because they are the only ones who truly deserve it. They allow a man to reproduce himself without being tainted with other men’s DNA. It’s fact when you have sex with a woman you are indeed having sex with all of her previous partners as well. A virgin is highly valued, because she can actually be satisfied in a true marriage and becomes one with you alone biologically. A woman with multiple sex partners can never truly bond with any one man. Her biology is at war internally from the various men she has let enter her. As usual let me know your thoughts and ideas.



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