Sometimes the more refined you become, the more your likes and dislikes changes, with respect to what may attract you. Although being fit, healthy and in shape is not a new trend, it is definitely one that continues to increase year by year as more people, especially women become conscious and cognizant of their health. I truly do believe that health and beauty goes hand in hand. You really can’t have one without the other.

I have come to typically prefer women who hit the Gym and tone up their bodies over all others. I truly give major honors to the women that are about that ‘gym life.’ Specifically because when a woman has taken the time and dedication to sculpt her body with hard work and dedication it says a lot about her character. One thing about a gym body is that you can’t pay for it, you have to put in hard work for it.

We’re going to be expanding the content as well as doing new and creative things in this section of our site. For starters we’ll be presenting you with the Top 3 IG Models weekly. This week its all about the Fitness Models.

1. Sommer Ray

2. Amanda Lee

3. Tianna Gregory



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