Embedded into a cliff and overlooking the Mediterranean is the Casa del Acantilado, conceived by Madrid-based studio GilBartolomé Architects. The ambitious project was not without its challenges. Situated on a 42-degree incline, the home’s most complex arrangement was its scale-like roof, made from metal mesh and a handcrafted formwork system to create “a calculated aesthetic ambiguity between the natural and the artificial, between the skin of a dragon set in the ground, when seen from below, and the waves of the sea, when seen from above,” said GilBartolomé Architects’ Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolomé.

Elsewhere, the home is partitioned into two floors: private retreats are located on the upper level, while the main living area – which is tiered in its construction – opens up onto a cantilevered terrace with a pool.

Originally posted: This Wave Like Residence Is Embedded Into A Mediterranean Cliffside



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