While the world is in an uproar about a 25 year old Hip Hop Artist, Tyga, dating Kylie Jenner, a 17 year old Reality TV Celebrity. Little or next to nothing on a National level has been said about the Joe Morrissey and Myrna Pride fiasco. Oh pardon me, I forgot, Joe is the Classic good old Anglo American White Man descending directly from Heaven as God’s gift to us all, while Tyga is a Black Male (which actually legally means criminal by the way).

58 year old Joe and his 19 year old baby mama

Now I’m sure Kris Jenner approves Tyga dating her daughter which would make it legal, because there is consent from the parent; however, let’s focus on Joe for a second. Joe is a 58 Year old Congressman from Virginia who has a 19 year old baby mama. Although she is now of the age of consent, they had a relationship together while she worked for his Law Firm. They denied having sexual relations when she was 17, but, ahhh…… it’s not like people haven’t lied before right?

Anyway Joe was charged with Four felonies, and because he descends from a long line of Teflon Dons, Joe only ended up serving 90 days for a misdemeanor on a sentence of 6 months. While serving time Joe was still allowed to represent the 74th District, and the good ole folks who re-elected him in a special election in January, did so despite his sentence and persona non grata status at the statehouse.

Joe also has four different children by four different women. Seemingly, Joe  has been hanging out with too many Black Rappers. To top it off, it seems as if he’s going to marry his 19 year old baby mama. Ironically, yet hilarious, she is a Black Woman. This story sounds like a synopsis for a movie script straight out of Roots.