The Nomadic Traveling Moor of today, is a 21st Century Moor who lives a life constantly trekking and sojourning to and fro. Globalization is in full effect, and it has allotted a much bigger reach in terms of connectivity and availability.  I am writing this article with specific intentions of reaching Young Moorish Men ages 18-30;  especially, those who have no children, and don’t intend on getting married anytime soon,…….. if ever .

We’re 15 years into the 21 st Century of the Gregorian Calendar, and Young Moors need a solid game plan to rebuild the Nation this century. It starts with Young Moorish Men understanding they represent the Nation individually, and carry the seeds to supplant the Nation within their being.  In other words, it’s a matter of where you plant your flag.

21922edIn today’s era of globalization, Moors have to be aware of great advantages they have access to in the world. Moors are an under-represented class of Men who’ve recovered their identities, and are ready to do business on the international stage.  Never before has the world been so closely connected to each other in terms of technology, media, and economy.  Nations of the world today are completely reliant upon each other.

There are immense opportunities awaiting us all around the world. Very few of our brethren have passports to travel outside of the country, and this makes American Moors an even more interesting breed when traveling abroad. We have to look at the landscape of business, politics, and dating outside the race as a means to nation building. The old way of looking at nation building is out the window. The gene pool we have been forced to interbreed with, is part of what is holding us back.

We are only as strong as our weakest link.   Therefore, we must become strong individually, so we can be strong collectively.  Nations are born not converted.  A nation converted is simply a conquered people.  That is why I said previously each one of us American Moorish Men represent the nation individually. The 21st century Moor is a traveler and nomadic. This is akin to the way many of our ancestors lived. They traveled continuously and accrued many experiences, knowledge, and families through trade and commerce.9000238_orig

At the end of the day, it’s all about wanting more for your self. Why sit around in the United States of America waiting for some Cop, who is unhappy with himself, to shoot you dead for smoking a blunt or simply driving with melanin?  To hell with that.  Travel the world, and experience life as your traveling ancestors did.

We will face challenges and hate anywhere we go, because the world has drunk the Kool-Aid produced by the Christian Doctrine of Discovery and subsequent media misrepresentations that have been placed on us.  However, we can overcome this, because it is pointless to continue to allow the corruption of the United States to keep us trapped, soaking up the best and brightest of our brothers from energy they steal from us. In addition the conflicts between Men and Women in the United States is reaching its breaking point.  Why stay here and tolerate this nonsense?

People often say the world owes us nothing.  If that is the case, then surely we shouldn’t hold allegiance to anyone nor anything that doesn’t serve our interests.  This should include those of our own ethnicity who refuse to value us, especially the women.  The United States was founded on the business model of slavery.  This is why they incarcerate more people than any other country in the world.

If we continue to just sit up under the oppression, not get off our asses to see the world and engage in international commerce, then we deserve what we get. Unless you have an ongoing legal fight or are incarcerated, then there is no excuse to sit around waiting to get smoked by the cops in the United States.



If you haven’t done so already, you better get a move on it. Get your passport. As a Moor, you want to get some identification and documentation that says you are a Moor and not a Negro.  Makes no sense to travel the world as a Negro/Black/African American if you know you are a Moor.  You can go to Murakush Society ,and take the courses regarding Moorish Status and Nationality.  They even have ID’s, Passports, and Certificates that will substantiate your claim of Moorish Identity. You can still get a U.S. Passport as well.  Either way, make sure you have a valid passport, so you can travel the world.


If you are going to travel the world, you should have friends in the countries you want to visit. It’s best to set up as many dating profiles as you can so you can connect with women from countries you want to visit.  That way you will have some vagina waiting for you when you touch down.  You also will have someone there to show you around.  Think of them as your personal tour guides that you can also have fun with.  Also, find out what are the major social networks that particular country you are visiting uses.  This can also be the beginning stages of building your own personal international Harem.


If you are going to be traveling around the world, it’s going to take some money and a good amount of it.  Many people suggest you find a job, keep your bills low, or save and travel on vacation time.  That is the old way of doing things.  I do agree that one should keep his bills low, stack some bread, and make moves;  however, it’s better to find 2 or 3 to  several different ways to make money online.  The great thing about this is that you will be able to make money while traveling and sleeping. You can do anything from Forex to e-commerce to consulting.  Check out  They have some great alternative ways to make money online. If you can make $5,000 monthly, then you will be able to make moves super comfortably. I tell brothers all the time $5,000 should be their goal amount to reach, so they can begin to live the life they want to.


If you are going to be traveling, then you better get rid of your existing debt ASAP.  You don’t want to owe anyone anything unless you have to if you are going to live as a Nomadic Traveling Moor of the 21st Century.  Fix your credit up.  Fixing your credit will enable you to qualify for things that will increase your mobility and sustainability.  If you have bad credit, I suggest you contact Lexington Law Firm. I have used them several times to fix my credit throughout the years and my credit is in the high 700’s.  The only thing they can’t remove is student loans or loans guaranteed by the Federal Government. Once your credit is straight, you can use it to fund some of your entrepreneurial endeavors and investment opportunities.  Keep your bills super low if you can.  Understand, even when you touch back down stateside, you still want to live comfortably, but you don’t have spend stupid amounts of money to do it.



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