That simple truth should propel each and everyone of us to seek more and more truth. Do we want to follow their paths? NO!

From my first encounter with understanding what actual listening was and is, I’ve always been told to humble myself. I was told being humble gets you further in life and gives birth to others offering a certain level of admiration for your humility. Many of you men have heard this. Many of you women have heard this also. Well…..this was also another lie our elders told us.  None of our elders knew what this word meant and that is the ONLY slack I will cut them in this article. After that, none at all. Why?…….cause reading is fundamental, and their primary use of the word humble was encoded in keeping mostly “black” men of N. America subservient and docile to Euro-American rulership. Even till this very day and moment you will hear elder men and women professing to younger generations to be “humble”.

mid-13c., from Old French humble, earlier humele, from Latin humilis “lowly, humble,” literally “on the ground,” from humus “earth.” Senses of “not self-asserting” and “of low birth or rank” were both in Middle English Related: Humbly; humbleness.Pie_01


You may not quite understand the reasoning behind the aforementioned statement; however, as you can see, you didn’t understand the origins of being humble either.  If you take a mental account of all the times you were told to be humble, and by whom you were told, you will see a detrimental pattern.  That pattern, once discovered, should infuse your cognition to ask a simple question:  Why was I told to be humble ONLY when I was doing something I primarily enjoyed doing?

Humility is a codified version of submission.  Submission should not be a reason for one to seek a modicum of resolve to his fellow man, family, progeny, nor his gifts.  man-prayingThis society scolds those who seem to have a glow of triumph by convincing the beholder of achievements, he or she should take the proverbial “low road” and be quiet and gracious.  I ask how can a person in his triumph be held to such a menial disposition when it is seldom one achieves glory at all in this country?

This atmosphere of humility is hypodermically forced into our mental circuitry from grade school and beyond.  It is this quietness so to speak, society hails as victory.  It is this type of victory that erodes your passion to further seek it.  It is the repetition of this erosion that turns a kingly lion into a church house mouse.

Tomorrow, take a look out your windows and gaze upon your neighborhoods.  Take a glance at the destruction and murders.  This is the result of humility.  Those young men in those streets have been humiliated beyond reproach.  They to were told to humble themselves while at the same time, coveting impoverished conditions.  They to were the children in class afraid and cowered to speak up to show their intelligence and interest in subjects that would typically get a jeer of laughter from their peers.  The result is your neighborhoods and the incessant desires of generations of men seeking rapping careers.  Why?……….., because NO rapper is told to be humble!

Why has society developed uniformity as it pertains to glory and praise of one’s achievements?  Your answer could not be wrong even if you tried your best at being wrong.  It is infinitely contradictory to what we are told as children.  We are told to be all we can be.  However, we are not told as children, therein lies a uniform code of silence once you achieve your goals.  When one hits this brick wall and sees this murky wall of truth, he loses his edge, determination, fire, desire, …………he loses all this to humility!

How can such a fiction-based ideology live amongst men who are sociologically, economically, spiritually, soulfully, and politically humbled beyond reconstruction? It truly belittles my soul to see this. Even more so, having feet supplanted in North America, it pierces my existence to accept the cold hard fact that this mentality, and the lifespan of it, eats and regenerates its cycles of life by our refusal to understand the male role in our communities.

The aim of this “humble” phenomenon is simply disguised wholeheartedly in MEEKness!(see definition below)

:  enduring injury with patience and without resentment :  mild
:  deficient in spirit and courage :  submissive
:  not violent or strong :
DO NOT CONTINUE TO ALLOW SOCIETY TO SET SUBMISSIVENESS AS YOUR SPIRITUAL BAROMETERS.  Society will not tell you humble and meek are synonymous.  Society will only expect you to act and live in sheer confinement of the term.  It is in a man’s nature to be totally opposite of humble. Yes, society wants you to allow someone to keep injuring you, and for you to remain patient without resentment.  Yes, society wants you to remain deficient in spirit and courage.  YES………society wants you to be HUMBLE!
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