This article is an article about Michael Tellinger’s finding in South Africa of ancient civilization going back some 200,000 years. We find his findings intriguing and definitely worth the research, however we do not endorse his position that this is evidence of an Alien civilization. We are not saying it isn’t possible, but it is most certainly a position that takes away from the probability and possibility of an Advance African Human Culture and Civilization. Please share your thoughts with us about this article once you’ve read it.

The incredible discovery was made in South Africa, around 150 km west of port Maputo. There, we find the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, according to tests, around 1500 square kilometers.

This ancient city is, according to researchers, part of an even larger community with about 10,000 square kilometers and is believed to have been constructed 160,000 to 200,000 years before Christ.

The region is somewhat remote and the “circles” have often been encountered by local farmers who assumed they were made by some indigenous people in the past. But, oddly, no one ever bothered to inquire about who could have made them or how old they were.

This changed when researcher and author, Michael Tellinger, in association with Johan Heine, a local fireman and pilot who had looked at these ruins for years, decided to investigate them.

Heine had the unique opportunity to see these incredible structures from the air and knew that their significance was not appreciated.

“When Johan first introduced me to the ancient stone ruins of southern Africa, he had no idea of ​​the incredible discoveries we would make in the following years. The photographs, artifacts and evidence we accumulated, point towards a lost civilization that has never before been and precedes all others – not for a few hundred years, or a few thousand years … but many thousands of years.” – Tellinger

According to Tellinger, these discoveries are so incredible that It will need a complete paradigm shift in how we view our human history.

The surrounding geology is interesting due to the numbers gold mines located in the vicinity. Researchers have proposed that a vanished civilization from the distant past, could have lived and proposed in that part of the world while mining gold. They point to the Ancient Anunnaki:

The Anunnkai Timeline – Coming to Earth: (According to Sitchin)

450,000 B.C.
After long wars, the atmosphere of Nibiru began to deteriorate and became a hostile place for life, The Anunnaki needed gold to repair their atmosphere. According to researchers, we can use gold nano particles to repair our damaged ozone layer.

445,000 A.C.
The Anunnaki aliens landed on Earth and established their base in Eridu, wanting to extract gold from the Persian Gulf. They were led by Enki, son of Anu.

416,000 B.C.
Gold production fell, which made Anu come to Earth. Beside him his other son Enlil arrived. Anu decided that mining would take place in Africa and promoted Enlil in charge of the Terran mission.

400,000 A. C.
In southern Mesopotamia were seven developed nations. Among the most important were:  “Sipar”, “Nippur” and “Shuruppak”. After the metal was refined, the ore was transported from Africa with ‘ships’ and sent into orbit.

You can take look at these incredible structures with Google Earth using the following coordinates:Carolina: 25 55 ‘53.28? S / 30 16 ‘13.13? E
Badplaas: 25 47 ‘33.45? S / 30 40 ‘38.76? E
Waterval: 25 38 ‘07.82? S / 30 21 ‘18.79? E
Machadodorp: 25 39 ‘22.42? S / 30 17 ‘03.25?E
These incredible ruins mostly consist of stone circles, most have been buried in the sand and are only observable by plane or satellites. Some have been exposed to climate change that has removed the sand, revealing the walls and foundations.“I see myself as someone quite open-minded but I admit that it took me over a year to figure it out, and I realized that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by man on Earth. The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from South Africa. Powerful civilizations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places.” – Tellinger

According to Telling, it shows that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier advanced civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold.

These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first pyramids and built an exact stone calendar right in the heart of it all.Adam’s Calendar is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, left behind by a vanished civilization which they now call the FIRST PEOPLE. These were the ancestors of all humans today with an advanced knowledge of energy fields through planet Earth.
They carved detailed images into the hardest rock, worshiped the sun, and are the first to carve an image of the Egyptian Ankh – key of life and universal knowledge, 200,000 years before the Egyptians came to light.Tellinger presents this groundbreaking new evidence in which is released in his latest book Temples Of The African Gods. It graphically exposes these discoveries and will undoubtedly be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history.



  • DrOVOthy Mantooth

    Ih Advance Anicent Blacks are Aliens now? You whites aren’t shit!

    • Mars Blackman

      I caught that also….or trying to infer we are decendants of the Nephilim. More important to me that the Moorish Harem didnt understand the implication without some sort of commentary to accompany it….

      • moorishharem

        Please see refer to our editors note at the beginning of the article.

        • Mars Blackman

          Yes… I am corrected….I apologize

  • Michael Edwards

    This is a remarkable find — please don’t sully it by referring to Sitchin. Real scholars of the Sumerian tongue have demonstrated that Sitchin was a fraud, making up fake meanings for words as he went along. This civilization stands on its own as a tremendous discovery and doesn’t need aliens.

    • But doesn’t Michael Tellinger base his “discovery” on Sitchin?

    • Basil Malik

      thank you

  • badphairy

    I was afraid this was going to be more incredibly stupid woo-woo handwaving. And it is.

    • Davaughn Wistrom

      Agreed, started out as maybe interesting, then turned to comedy.

      • badphairy

        Tragically, Africa is vastly under-surveyed. I can think of two different places I’d want to start digging, one for ancient civ remains and the other for dinosaur fossils. The traits that make those two locations undesirable haven’t changed enough to make it feasible yet.

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      To you MCope

  • Harley Love

    Racism White Supremacy will always discount, undervalue, marginalize, the original man’s contributions to earth if he cannot give credit to the people that classify themselves as white. Dr. Francis Cress Welsing has taught this for many decades. The bs continues.

    • Mike Ervin

      believe your fantasy if you wish

      • elrancho

        You’re the one who believes the fantasy of white supremacy. And it is a fantasy – something that you obviously need to believe because deep down, you KNOW black people are superior and we whites are the pretenders to the crown.

    • Iyalosa Songonjoko Adeyemo

      Thank you. Harley Love…

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  • mewmew34

    Thought this was going to be something cool, but nope. Just some made up crap about aliens. As soon as I saw the word “Nibiru” I knew something was up. If I remember right, that’s the name of the planet that was supposedly going to crash into Earth and destroy us all as part of the 2012 apocalypse.

    • Loopawn

      2035 or 36 theres a comet on its way its supposed to pass in the next year or so

  • moorishharem

    This article is an article about Michael Tellinger’s finding in South Africa of ancient civilization doing back some 200,000 years. We find his findings intriguing and definitely worth the research, however we do not endorse his position that this is evidence of an Alien civilization. We are not saying it isn’t possible, but it is most certainly a position that takes away from the probability and possibility of an Advance African Human Culture and Civilization.

  • Robert P. Robertson

    Okay, I wonder how this ties into the discovery that Homo Sapien-sapien appeared in South Africa 260,000 years ago and left remarkable evidence in artifacts and drawings of their presence and survival in South African caves on the coast of the Indian Ocean as early as 80,000 years ago? Nor does it account for the near extinction event at called the “Toba Eruption” that nearly wiped out 80% of all life on earth and in the sea by 80,000 years ago. Unless there is true carbon dating of these ruins, we can’t throw the baby out with the bath water because this kook is claiming it was ancient astronauts. Scientific analysis and testing by anthropologists and archeologists can prove the true age of these ruins and who developed them.

  • Jean-Marc Laurin

    Oh for Christ’s sake again with the aliens. This is why history is considered a weak science. Gods and angels and aliens. Ugh. Will we ever succeed in humanizing ancient civilizations by placing their structures in practical reality instead of supernatural hocus pocus? Egyptology is an example. When a science doesn’t evolve or question itself over the years it becomes … A religion.


    • Loopawn

      they arent claiming its aliens they just say thats the only story is has slight similarity to
      there no denying the existence of these structures and there no research on where they came from. Tellinger has been doing the research and not writing fiction.

  • Mike Ervin

    This is an absolute insane story written by a novelist with no scientific background

  • Kevin Howell

    It was made by the crew of Battlestar Galactica…

  • Caliph Shaquel

    It’s funny. They find a lost civilization in Europe and they tell the world how white
    people created civilization. But find a lost civilization in Africa and it must be Aliens. That is so funny.

    • Itchygonads

      Doesn’t it appear a little odd that we as homo sapiens having been around for 200,000 years – after apparently evolving from homo erectus, had a civilisation and was mining gold straight away?
      This find completely flies in the face of official history.
      Sitchin’s timeline is also mentioned in this article but nothing more.
      Zecharia Sitchin, “The 12th Planet” (c1976)
      An amazing but also very speculative research into ancient writings, archeology and his translations into what they mean. Also mentioned in the book is a gold mine found in southern Africa that has been carbon dated to around 100,000 years.
      Most historians choose to ignore these archeological finds as it does not fit in with their version of history. Would you?

      • Evelyn Khelama

        Zecharia is a plagiarist like many whites who raided the tombs of ancient Egypt and Nubian civilizations so old they are on the crest of time. The stories are written in stone where they have been for hundreds of thousands of years. All Sitchin did was translate them into English, the little bit he could gather. Like Napoleon before him, angered by the revelations of Volney and other traveler/researchers, he was flabbergasted to uncover the glories of ancient black civilizations, and needed to explain their existence to the white supremacist world founded on the myth of black inferiority. Sumerians of Babylonia from whose records he created his theories, and beyond were all black people, as was the world at that time. The best way to do this was the alien theory. Black brothers and sisters, never underestimate the power of bigotry. There IS no such thing as RACE except an event you run in. There was only ONE HUMAN PROTOTYPE ever created on this planet. The Black Human. All others evolved from them. Easily proven. Easily established on the basis of advanced genetics. Archaeology only tells part of the story. Blood don’t lie!

        • Queen Noble Bey


    • KatRos

      Nonsense! They like to say that Stonehenge was built by ancient aliens, too. They also like to say that about a lot of other places. I’ve been watching shows on the History channel about this kind of thing. They show some interesting places, but I doubt if you’re going to find any article in a peer reviewed science journal making this claim.

      • Evelyn Khelama

        Not nonsense! Only the civilizations that are so ancient they can’t reconcile their existence to the age of white humans genetically and the estimated time of their appearance on the planet, which is much later than has traditionally been believed–are said to be created by aliens. All other more recent advanced civilizations in Europe are attributed to white people. This is false also of course, since modern Europeans bear no connection to the ancient people who first occupied Europe. And THAT FACT indeed HAS been peer reviewed! Salaam.

        • KatRos

          What are you talking about? You sound like you’re just a race-baiter. 200,000 ya it’s believed that all humans were in Africa.

  • Frank T. Williams IV

    Not that i don’t believe in aliens, but Caliph has a point. Again, the narrative being push is that there is no way the people with black skin have ever done anything of worth on this planet. It’s a shameful and racist narrative. With the advanced technology that trans-dimensional beings would have, I do not believe they would have need of human slaves. (again, the narrative of blacks as slaves). SMH. So really? There’s no possibility that black people could have been the architects are these great civilizations without help from aliens, and by the way they were a slave race, digging gold for trans-dimensional beings that have the technology to do it more efficiently by themselves. (slapping my forehead SMH).

    • KatRos

      These claims of aliens are made all over. Egypt, India, Peru, North America, Central America, Mexico, England, Crete, beneath the ocean around the Bermuda (Bermuda triangle) near Australia, and near Japan (the Dragons trianhgle). Please don’t try to make it out as something unique to Africa.
      These aren’t scientists making these claims, these sound like ancient alien theorists. However I do find them interesting.

      • Evelyn Khelama

        It IS unique to Africa, since ALL CIVILIZATIONS COME FROM AFRICA or what we know as Africa today as their point of origin. In summary, this was all ONE CONTINENT and all civilizations emerged from that continent and spread throughout the world. Africa is the heart and womb of the planet and is landlocked. Creative energy begins there. The proof is in black genetics and merely confirmed by archaeological finds. My own extensive genetic analysis confirmed this for me from no less than four separate labs. My stream is tied to nearly every point on earth natively, having nothing to do with the slave trade. One of these streams is more than 150,000 years old. We are the oldest and most ancient on the planet and it is our history and heritage they are UNCOVERING not DISCOVERING. WE are the aliens, as in the human demigods who ruled this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. I agree this is a bigoted attempt to associate these revelations with some other world beings to keep from giving credit to black people. You already know, “Until the lion’s tale is told, the story will always come from the hunter’s view.” Salaam.

        • KatRos

          Yeah. Right. Good luck with that.

        • Cyranthus


  • Magomarele Gomi Thobejane

    I don’t believe in aliens, not yet…until we discover a living planet close enough to feed us with creatures that can reach here within a single lifetime.

  • R. Meijer

    sorry guys, 150 km west of Maputo is not SOUTH AFRICA (which is a country) but more like southern Africa which is a continent.. hmm