Book By Hondo Solomon Pertaining to Polygamy.

I have known about this brother for a while, but I recently connected with him and a host of other Brothers who are leading the charge on Polygyny. His name is Hondo Solomon.  Now let me explain a few things, because a “Facebooker” called me an illiterate son of bitch who couldn’t spell Polygamy correctly, and I noticed many people are referencing my last article about Polygyny and African-American women as polygamy.

For starters, polygamy, generally, is people having more than one spouse or partners.  Polyamory is sharing and having love for more than one partner. Polyandry is a woman having more than one man as a spouse or partner, and Polygyny is a man having more than one woman as a spouse or partner.

I subscribe to Polygyny specifically.  I am not interested in telling people how to live their lives.  I think people should make mutually beneficial agreements and contracts with each other based on mutually aligned interest.  Anything other than that is oppression.  Although polygyny is a highly technical system to employ, so is monogamy, which is completely unnatural for most human animals.

Men get ridiculed if they simply just want to have sex with more than one woman.   This is crazy because that is what our natural impulses are.   A man should never be ashamed nor accept women shaming him for wanting to practice polygyny for whatever reasons he may have.  Even if it’s simply to have more than one sexual partner.  Monogamy is just as complicated and difficult as polygyny is if not more.

 Black: Polygamy permitted and practiced Grey: Legal status unknown or ambiguous Blue: Polygamy generally illegal, but practice not fully criminalised SKy Blue: Polygamy fully outlawed/abolished and practice fully criminalised Notes: 1India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka: illegal in all forms, except for Muslims. 2Federal Eritrea: law bans polygamous marriage but certain countries and regions with Sharia allow it. Muslims only may legally contract polygamous marriages. 3Mauritius: polygamous unions are not legally recognized. Muslim men may "marry" up to four women, who do not however enjoy the legal status of wives.

Black: Polygamy permitted and practiced Grey: Legal status unknown or ambiguous Blue: Polygamy generally illegal, but practice not fully criminalised Sky Blue: Polygamy fully outlawed/abolished and practice fully criminalised

I personally think forward-progressive thinking Moors and African American men should abandon the African American community as a population gene pool to breed with and look to foreign populations to make new tribes.  The gene pool is too closely related, and I think it’s one of the reasons the African American community is so stupid.  It’s because they have been interbreeding too much. The women are overly masculine in general, and the men are more effeminate in general. The gene pool is horrid.

POLYGAMY AS ECONOMIC WARFARE© Artwork by Mshindo Kuumba! Available March 2016

What is hilarious to me is that this same population has supported homosexuality and transgender lifestyles relentlessly but continue to denigrate Polygyny.  This same group unreasonably glorifies Africa beyond comprehension, yet reject the main staple of Africa.  Africa still clings tightly to Polygyny, and it doesn’t seem they will ever let it go.  People often speak of Polygyny not working because women are jealous and competitive.  That same issue is an issue in Monogamy!  For everything that is negatively associated with Polygyny  ,the same can be said about Monogamy.

The unreasonable concern for women’s health and safety in polygynous relationships is sexists. It excludes the impact it can have on men.  No one discusses the negative impact monogamy has on men especially Moorish Men.  No one ever discusses African American men who descend from Moorish culture, who have practiced polygyny since times immemorial.  Monogamy drives Moorish men insane and leads to drug addiction, substance abuse, jealousy, as well as, violent and controlling behaviours.

African American Women and all Women of color who do not support Polygyny is actually supporting White Supremacy.  Not everyone and every woman before Colonialism liked or subscribed to polygyny, but in today’s era, it is hated so much due to the European Colonist enforcing Monogamy on every Indigenous Culture in the world who practiced it.  If you want to have a more intellectually based conversation concerning Polygyny(Harem Life), then look no further than brother Hondo Solomon.  He has written a book entitled the The Polygamist Papers: An Introduction to Polygamous Culture and Its Principles, Pitfalls, and Ethics and it’s available on Amazon.  He also has a new book dropping spring of 2016 entitled “POLYGAMY AS ECONOMIC WARFARE©“.  It’s also available for pre-order.



  • Holly Mosley-Cooper

    Are you saying that you would be opposed to being involved in a relationship where you weren’t the only man? Are you cool with women having two partners? I get that you may not want to be involved in this type of arrangement but are you against it as a lifestyle?