Within the beautiful trilogy of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, therein lies a bountiful awakening awaiting to hear the proverbial alarm clock. Within that beautiful trilogy, therein lies an equally ugly, unsaid curse that seemingly those who reach the caves of understanding seem to grasp. Why can’t everyone seem to see what you see? Why can’t they hear what you hear? Why can’t they truly grasp the simplicities of learning? Are they playing games? They must be……………..these are the echoes you hear while lying on your back wondering and thinking and thinking and wondering!

Anyone can ascertain knowledge! This is an absolute scholar edict.
The problem arises when one fully grasps his or her duties as it pertains to knowledge. Only then will that person realize he/she has no knowledge at all!
Knowledge has tiers…………….:
1. Surface knowledge
2. Hidden knowledge
3. Inside knowledge
We have been conditioned to accept all scholar(ly) information as knowledge. This would be equivalent to surface knowledge. There is a level of knowledge gained from countless hours of reading which most individuals use to stay above the so-called idiot curve. This too is surface knowledge. Surface knowledge can easily be recognized by how much an individual will claim it to be fact and truth, citing countless sources, but never having a logical explanation of his/her findings. Usually more than not, this knowledge can be attributed to a diagnosis called REGURGITATION! The reader is simply repeating what his eyes has seen. It is within the folds of these corridors, the seeker is typically the builder of his very own mental prison. Seekers become infected with the “Debate Virus”. Sadly, many never receive proper immunization and are lost forever imprisoned and blinded altogether from seeing beyond the surface!

Inside knowledge is more intimately intertwined by the seeker and utilized as sword and shield. When one uses his hard-earned dollar and time to achieve what he deems important knowledge, he/she will covet and protect this knowledge ad nauseum. What the seeker fails to realize is simply having more coins to go beyond surface knowledge doesn’t mean you have topped Mount Knowledge. It simply means you just have a bigger book, picture, or DVD collection! However, what should be attributed to inside knowledge is one must have a yearning within his soul to seek further than what he or she has learned in public schools and collegiate institutions. It is a yearning of the soul that continues to push the seekers further and further. Very few seekers on this tier hear the soul begging for mercy due to knowledge purging. They feed and feed nullifying the mind and soul proper digestion of information. The results can be seen and heard when the seeker attempts to teach his findings to another. Due to improper intake of knowledge, the information will not flow smoooth(ly) perpetually causing the seeker to lose sincere seekers from feeling they cannot learn from this person.

Hidden knowledge is NOT, and I repeat, is NOT information gathered from private libraries, fraternal lodges, nor private clubs. It is and carries a much much deeper, impactful connection to the discoverer.
No one can hide knowledge from you for it is in plain sight each day you awake. The reason it seemingly hides itself from you is because you devalued all the surface knowledge you gathered causing your interior to be puffed with pride impeaching your senses.
Hidden knowledge is that moment you don’t have a book in hand. That moment you’re not watch a documentary. That moment you’re not listening to lectures. It is that moment you are content with NOT reading and seeking and all of a sudden……..boom……..something you see or hear jars your memory bank preventing you from shooting your next hoop, or playing your next PS3 game. You pause, gather your thoughts, and B-line directly to a point of reference relating to what you’ve seen or heard. Nothing can deter your thoughts. You will even ignore phone calls and passers by, because you are so focused on completing this mental confirmation. Once you reach your source or point of reference, you sit back, and there it is…….your……. OK!….AH MAN!….WTF!….I THOUGHT SO!…….MY GUT TOLD ME SO!…moments! Then you realize the knowledge was always sitting there not hidden begging to be seen.

wisdomWisdom is an experience. It is taking knowledge and applying it to your everyday lives. As I mentioned earlier, anyone can get knowledge. Wisdom is the balance beam to the seeker. Wisdom will show you if you should stop getting a particular knowledge, or pursue the same knowledge. Wisdom chisels all knowledge. It is the sculptor sculpting a beautiful or hideous model. A wise man will not allow his mind to repeat a thing that will not benefit his life. He acknowledges he loves learning but his learning must coincide with his earnings. He/She will dispense knowledge to recognized seekers who makes their claims known and will not spend countless hours giving pearls to swine. Wisdom purifies the seeker’s rationale coaxing it with laminated humility. The wiser one gets the humble he gets. It is inevitable and undeniable for wisdom forces the human mind to let go of childish things gained from knowledge! A wise seeker from gaining knowledge has multiple avenues and path he or she chooses to walk.  He/She never walks down a road passing up a penny or a dollar. They are focused and in keen preservation mode! Smiles often lead with gifts of knowledge to others.  These are those who give the symbolic embrace of “I’ve been there” without hesitation and encouragement to lesser knowledgable people is lended with ease!

The creme de la creme……….the ultimate utopia of embracing one’s wisdom.
Understanding is the absolute greatest cognitive discovery one can achieve. Yet it is also one of the saddest days of your natural human life.  Understanding is where one grabs the entire purpose of his life and finally realizes an undeniable truth: HE/SHE CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD! Throughout one’s travels of seeking knowledge he/she has been misled to believe gaining knowledge can save the world and make it a better place. He/She is told to share his knowledge and better those he comes across. This has been an aim tucked in the seeker’s arsenal as he/she replays a mantra over and over in his head that only he/she hears,………”we gone make it”!

Understanding is horridly surreal when you realize you’ve lost friends, family members, and associates courtesy to knowledge. You will see and feel each voice and face you have met and hear every argument. You will undoubtedly remember the very day you woke up and truly knew you were awake and others were still asleep. You will see your very own seeds being taught what you deem as blasphemy and do nothing and say nothing.  This is what understanding offers you. Those who are not humble and speak of losses more than gains with knowledge truly have no wisdom at all. Understanding offers you a solace within the proverbial caves seekers build for themselves to shield them from everyday zombies. It is painful for them to turn on a TV knowing they will see it’s hidden knowledge beyond the surface. These are the woes of understanding!

There is a volcanic upside enveloped in your understanding. You now create your time instead of being a slave to it. No longer does time effect you as it does others. You stress levels decrease. Your anger even hides itself from you. No one can use his or her emotions against you. You literally see things happening a mile in the distance before it happens.  Your universal compass is renewed. You think internationally and intergalactically. You have reached  MENTAL SOVEREIGNTY!free-your-mind1

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

― Plato


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I am aware a high percentage of N. America is wide asleep. Through my writings, I attempt to offer a literary alarm clock! I care not for emotional banter, nor do I cater to submissiveness in any form. Critical thinking has become akin to a firing squad sentence. I was just fortunate to appeal my sentence escaping certain death! "I waste my time learning"..............................G Code

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