Perusing the various groups on social mediums, you are sure to be visually accosted with notions of being supremely exquisite during sexual relations. Yes…..there is non-stop dialogue about how one is in bed with his or her sex mate. This chatter is so prevalently normal the porn industry should be literally nonexistent. The number one word associated with this presumed sexual prominence is “freaky“! People, mostly women, seem to think they’re paragons in this department. I totally agree with them!  However, I agree; wholeheartedly, by sheer definition of the word and via their deeds.


freak (n.2)
brave man, warrior,” Scottish freik, from Middle English freke “a bold man, a warrior, a man,” from Old English freca”bold man, a warrior,” from frec “greedy, eager, bold” (compare German frech “bold, impudent“).

A simple psychoanalysis of the word “freaky” births two immediate mental depictions. You immediately think the person is exceptionally great in some capacity of sex, or, you think this person is extremely suffering from a mental retardation to publicly decree his/her sexual experiences. Both thoughts have a deep, hidden desire deserving attention. Here is that attention.

Women…….are you a brave man? Are you men period? Are you greedy? Are you bold? Are you impudent?
These are things you must be able to admit upon your utterances of “being freaky“! You think and have thought for years this word was bestowed a complimentary sexual prowess. No……!  This word has nothing to do with sex at all. Not only does this word have nothing to do with sex, it actually has nothing to do with women at all.

Although society would have women think they are men, you are NOT! Nor are you bold ladies. One of the definitions of the word bold, deriving from the word “bole”, is swollen penis. So no, you cannot be bold either. However, freaky does behold a few synonymous qualities you may behold to acquiesce your notions of grandeur towards this word. See……public schools nor colleges will focus its efforts to truly enlighten your minds on word usage and the powers within the usages. Nevertheless, leaving you primarily subjugated to become those words majestically!

How many of you women can say you’re not greedy? Laughably, how many of you women can say you’re not IMPUDENT? Greedy and impudent are things you must confess also if you think you’re “freaky”! Using a simple eyeball test, I can attest to a high number of you being impudent which means to NOT show due respect to another person. Ironically, you simply saying you’re freaky to a person in the know is downright insulting and disrespectful. This is a word for men ONLY. You cannot be this any kind of way if you wanted.

Science understands the power of words. Most of its subjects don’t. Therefore, it will schematically utilize its power(words) to mentally accomplish an agenda you don’t see. Why was this word “freaky” associated with an act(sex) everyone loves? This is what you should be asking yourselves. The same reason most love listening to music, which is words mixed with rhythm, when having sex. It is a diabolical hypnosis you don’t know you’ve undergone. Just as your favorite R&B singer, more than likely, uses this word often within his/her songs. He nor she is aware of this old school sorcery, but I assure you,the industry is well beyond your mindsets as it pertains to hypnosis.

As a result, we have so many strong, manly women who have no fear in their approaches to men in some form of combativeness. As a result, we have so many women who are downright openly disrespectful primarily to anyone she approaches. PRIMARILY WHAT WE HAVE ARE A BUNCH OF FREAKY WOMEN!



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