Many wanna know why can’t the Conscious Community get aligned in togetherness for the betterment of African-American people in N. America.  There have been numerous counterparts that could not quite come together due to various reason.  Most reasons stemmed from ego, economics, geographical differences, or just plain old hate.  Very few understand the atmosphere of those times when Black Liberation was at it’s peak.  I for one totally understand what may have taken place in the ’60’s as it is evident in current times.  Black conscious leaders have taken backdoor deals that were the result of front door approaches.

The Ghetto Informant Program is my response to the oft-repeated question I get asked:  “G Code; what do you think the number one reason is the Conscious Community cannot seem to come together for the people?”  I typically get the same response after answering the question which is, “I’ve never heard of The Ghetto Informant Program”!


This program was such a success the creator inducted these informants into what is now the FBI.  Although it was deemed too costly; nonetheless, it happened.  So what actually happened?

The FBI used more than 7000 people to infiltrate poor Black communities in the United States.

infiltrate (v.)infiltrate-400x200

: to secretly enter or join (something, such as a group or an organization) in order to get information or do harm

: to cause (someone) to secretly enter or join a group, organization, etc.

: to pass into or through (something)

At its inception, N. America was going through trying times of vicious police brutalities and vicious injustices as a whole.  There were plenty of freedom fighters on the horizon propagating knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as prevalently as it is today.  The FBI felt it needed indoor access to all Black led organizations, and used a simple war tactic to do so.

There were plenty of organizations infiltrated with specific orders to spy, disorganize, discredit, and simply disagree with anyone the FBI deemed a Black Extremist.  Black Extremists, in those times, were any persons categorized as Black speaking strongly against the United States government, International injustices, Black Economics, Black Trade, protection via rights to bear arms, improper historical inadequacies, etc.  Basically, anything a person would want after coming to the realization concerning the truths of what the United States actually is/was!

The FBI recruited Ghetto Informants very meticulously.  Business owners and land owners were targets for recruitment.  Barber shops and neighborhood corner stores became “LISTENING POSTS”!  The schematics of this program were indeed highly militaristic in nature. Purpose and intent can be seen in a memo to J. Edgar Hoover from Attorney General Ramsey Clark.  The choice of wording denotes heavy disdain and desperation.

“We have not heretofore had to deal with the possibility of an organized pattern of violence, constituting a violation of federal law, by a group of persons who make the urban ghetto their base of operation and whose activities may not have been regularly monitored by existing intelligence sources.”

“As a part of the broad investigation which must necessarily be conducted … sources or informants in black nationalist organizations, SNCC and other less publicized groups should be developed and expanded to determine the size and purpose of these groups and their relationship to other groups, and also to determine the whereabouts of persons who might be involved in instigating riot activity in violation of federal law.”

The Ghetto Informant Program had at least 67 informants who were members of the Black Panther Party! Their mission was to spread disinformation and send FBI reports on the Black Panther Party itself, along with a myriad of details going on in urban areas!  If there is a Black Panther Party today, and there is, don’t they know this information?  The information is quite public.  Have they rid themselves of the informants?

You have to lose all your bonkers to think a program gathering intel is no longer in use by the United States government.  The conscious community, to me, is riddled with such Program members.  More so, if their hubs are centered in ghettos across N. America, then what else are they reporting?  Every act of liberation becomes suspect.  Every move economically will get thwarted.  Every lecture is filled with them.  Every meeting on 125th St. in Harlem, NY., is overseen by them.

It’s GOALwas to spread disinformation and spy.  To spread disinformation one must be in a position of leadership and reverence.  Some of your very own “Master Teachers” and lecturers may foot this bill.  How would you know if you don’t do your due diligence on the information they are giving you.  The residue of this program is profound.  The very person standing next to you could be a member.  Your mother could be a member.  Your uncle could be a member.  The original membership roll count was more than 7000.  Due to the number of those professing to be conscious, along with  pressures from false gun and drug charges against black males, the number could be enormous today.

So what do we do?  I don’t know what you will do, but according to it’s mission statement of spreading disinformation, all I would need to do is maintain diligent studies, and when I come across information totally abstract from the truth, know beyond the shadow of a doubt, it perhaps is possibly being disseminated by a member of the Ghetto Informant Program.  The next time you’re in a black bookstore, barbershop, lecture, etc., be mindful you just may be in the midst of a covert operation.

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