What role will technology play in the future? This is an ever evolving question, which depending on who you ask and the perspective they provide you with, will compel you to determine for yourself, if there will be a dystopian or utopian future. Well this is something being pondered by Entrepreneur Diamandis – co-founder and chairman of Singularity University (SU)… Who says:

“we all need to wake up to the potential threats and opportunities of disruptive technologies.”

I for one agree with sentiment. When one considers the possibilities of Trans-humanism, the Artificial Womb and Artificial Intelligence, there comes a point when we need to start thinking about how these new and great technologies can harm us. For example Fossil Fuels, and other technologies took years for scientist to discover the harmful of effects on us as humans and our environment.

Diamandis also discusses the “Democratization of Knowledge” while expounded upon comparative computer and human brain processing speeds.

“…In 2023, eight years from now, the average thousand dollar computer that you will go down to the store and purchase is calculating at 10 to the 16 cycles per second, which just a number unless you speak to a neurophysiologist who tells you that’s the rate at which your visual and auditory cortex does pattern recognition. So what happens when a thousand bucks buys you the computational power of the human brain? 25 years later a thousand dollar computer will buy you the computational power of the whole human race.”

As usual let me know your thoughts and ideas about this subject.