Many people don’t know how important Washington D.C. is to the Hip Hop Community, especially on the East Coast. D.C. is usually the first stop on most Hip Hop artists tour schedules. To put it simply… if you are a Hip Hop Artist there is no way you bypass D.C. on tour schedule. With that being said, People should know who the Lord of D.C. Hip Hop is. If you thought Wale or Fat Trel, then guess again, you’re wrong. It’s Black Indian fools.

Child Rap Prodigy who was the first male rapper from D.C. to land a record deal with a Major Label. Black Indian is well respected by virtually everyone in his city, due to his legendary freestyle ability and ability to make hit records. Black Indian has decided to turn up and put his city on his back once more and represent for authentic Hip Hop, by slaying 2014 with awesome material, via songs and videos that touch to the core of D.C.Rap.

This has led to him linking up with his Child hood friend, retired NBA Baller Steve Francis, to partner with his new label Maserati Music. Expect to hear more heat from Black Indian as the year continues to roll out. For now catch up on some of the heat that has caught the ear of every major label in the game.

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