VS Backpack

The VS Backpack (named rather aptly) is for people who love having options, who revel in being able to choose between this VS that.

The singular backpack comes with two designs that one can alternate between by simply switching the orientation of a flap, allowing you to alter aesthetics in as little as 20 seconds. With a swish of the zip, flick of the flap, and another swish to zip the flap in its new position, the VS backpack transforms from a solid-colored satin texture bag that looks great at work, to a diagonal nylon twill texture that gives it a nice out-of-office aesthetic, making it perfect for hitting the gym or the trail.

Its two-faced aesthetic (and that’s a good thing) comes with an equally versatile interior, with dedicated sleeves to store a laptop as well as a tablet and open pockets for a wallet, laptop power adapter, etc. The bag has additional space, enough to store clothes, essentials, or equipment for hitting the gym, or heading out for a weekend. YKK zippers and a water-repellent nylon construction keep your belongings dry, whether you’re stuck in the rain on your way to work, or camping outdoors in inclement weather. The shapeshifting flap of the VS comes with its own compartment that is accessible from both sides, allowing you to store essential, quick-access items like charging cables, external batteries in the compartment and access your items in either of the orientation.

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