If you are a forward thinking, progressive Moor, meaning you are about handling your business, doing good deeds and elevating your life, then I have a message for you.  STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY! There are two conscious communities. There is a “White” one and a “Black” one. This article is primarily about the Black one; consequently, from what I have seen personally and from what others have told me, the White one is no better either.

The Black Conscious Community is a cesspool of losers, haters, and people who failed aspects of life seeking to reinvent themselves under the guise of fighting against oppression. Now don’t get me wrong, there are genuine people in every group;  however, the majority of these people amount to nothing more than misery seeking company. There are different groups within this community, and I won’t name them, because I won’t give them the honorable gratification of recognition.  I will point out there mentalities, so you are able to keenly spot them.

The reasons I am telling you guys to stay away from them is it’s emphatically not about making money or building. It’s all about escapism with these guys. Plus, they are full of contradictions. On one end they will tell you they are Atheist and don’t believe in God.  Then they will tell you they are God themselves.  Then they will say God isn’t real and will tell you God is the Black Woman. The next thing they will do is tell you about how evil and weak the “White Man” is!   Yet, many of them are receiving benefits from the White Man via welfare, employment, or simply just using products and services built, owned, and operated by White Men. This group of folks is completely hypocritical.

I never understood how a person who claims to be so great, and come from such a rich African history, can speak on how evil the so called White Man is and how Great the Black Man is without realizing they are really speaking to the greatness of the White Man!  They openly admit it was the White Man who enslaved them and took all their greatness away.

I am from Brooklyn NY, (Kanasi Indigenous Lands), not that it means anything in particular, but, where I am from and grew up, there’s this thing hood negroes call “Street Code”.  The street code says you should be ready to die in an instance if you are challenged or confronted by another person, if he is trying to rob and steal from you, or if someone is attacking your lady, or coming on to her in some kind of way.

For some reason, when it comes to the White Man, the “street code” seems to be null and void, because the White Man has violated all the street laws and jungle laws and these conscious negroes haven’t done anything yet.  Many of the men in the conscious community come from the streets per se, so it’s hard for me to understand why they are so passive when it comes to confronting the so called White Man, yet are quick to take his abuse.  Zimmerman is still walking around chilling.

These same folks love to, on second thought, they seem to live for spewing hatred at brothers who date non black women, especially White Women.  These dudes will tell you that you suffer from self hatred, or that you hate your mother, or some other lame reason for being concerned with where another brother puts his manhood at. Why are these guys concerned with what women you date or have sex with? Something isn’t right about that. Plus I would think that if there is a decline in demand for a product or thing you want, then there should be more supply for you. In other words, why be so concerned with brothers who choose not to date black women.  They should be happy, because that means there is more black women for them; especially, since they worship them as their God.

They also do a poor job of doing good business, and they always want the “brother, brother” hook up. If they were really about black empowerment as they say, then they would be ready to fully support their black businesses, and not try to undercut another brother trying to come up doing his entrepreneurial thing. Some of them make out well in business but most of them don’t.

The other thing you have to look out for is how much slander you will face if you happen to get caught up with dealing with the women in that community.  I’d take a weave wearing church girl before I take one of them.  Some of the biggest frauds and “fake it till you make it”s” litter this community.  See how Umar Johnson got washed up by a Conscious Hotep Stripper.

I’m telling you guys stay away from these people.   I personally know many of them from years ago when I was introducing legal and political concepts to the Moorish Community.  I can keep going on and on, but I will let you Moorish brothers figure out the rest.  I just wanted to drop a few bars on the conscious community, because I get hundreds of inbox questions daily about various people in the conscious community.  So this is my response to those questions in general.

Editor's Note
The Conscious Community ranks amongst the most treacherous divide and conquer tactics used 
against our people.  At its forefront, if researched, are frauds at life and at business. 
None of the forefront's methods have changed.  It spews the same exact rhetoric of 50 and even 100
years ago.  For as much as they profess to hate the White Man, they've now incorporated Sovereign tactics
at a pricey stipend claiming it as a remedy for our people.  Ironically, these newly incorporated
tactics came from the very White Man they claim to have done extreme harm to them.  However, for as much
blame, and it is a lot, I could lay on the Psuedo-Consicous Community, I must equally balance the blame
on the listeners of these messages.  It is you who've taken the Celebrity Injections and desire your 
leader to look and act like the celebrities you see on your TV's.  The forefront men of the Conscious Community
are simply filling the demand of you all.  IF YOU WANT DEBATES AND SLANDER, THEN I'D CHARGE YOU A PREMIUM
I am in complete agreement with the author of this article.  If you're totally honest with the nigga in you, then you
would agree with him also.  Therein lies the quandary.  The nigga in you versus the righteous soul/mind of you.  The
nigga will win every time!
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