Moorish Harem LLC is a men’s lifestyle and entertainment company. Our mission is to refine the taste of men in matters pertaining to luxury, sexy women and overall style. Our company operates in two essential market venues, namely the Internet and events. We provide High quality content on our website and through social media. Our web content is dedicated to things relative to men’s interests pertaining to money, world events, sexy women, dating, fashion, culture, technology and entertainment.

Our online content focuses on articles pertaining to product reviews, discussions, interviews, hot topics and many more things that concern and interest men. Our online platform enables us to expand our market base into international markets, through tablet and smart phone technology with integrated rich media, creating 24/7 non stop promotion and marketing campaigns for our sponsors and advertisers. We also develop our own media content that caters to men and their interests, which further expands and entrenches our brand into the marketplace. Our online advertisers are able to promote their brand or product to our subscription base of 500,000 daily visitors, along with one million fans and followers of our various social media platforms.

Our special events and parties are our second essential frontier. We will provide events with a variety of themes that cater to men’s interests. Our events serve as outlets for our consumer base to get up close and personal with our brand and the lifestyle we promote and represent. Our events range from charitable events and dinner parties, to car shows and luxury product expos. We provide an immense opportunity for our sponsors to have their brands and companies promoted along side the newest and hottest men’s lifestyle and entertainment brand of our generation.

Companies have overlooked the affluent and non-affluent male consumer demographics. This is largely due to the lack of attention given to the male consumer mind. Our goal is to inspire male consumers; affluent and non-affluent, to “step up their game” so to speak and also refine, and redefine that which they hold in high regard. Our company targets the male consumer demographic of ages 18-55. We have a broad demographic because our online content and events caters to the diverse interests of men. This allows us to tap into a larger base of the male demographic. Simply put, men from diverse ethnicities, age groups and income levels will be attracted to our brand specifically because it caters to them all in one way or another.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Moorish Harem event Please email us at sponsors@moorishharem.com