Isee lots of Moors and African American men supporting MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) lately, and it simply baffles me why brothers would support this movement.  Don’t get me wrong, the discussions MGTOW’s and MRA’s have are much needed discussions, and gives some great insight into the current affairs of male and female relationships in America and the world over.  I do agree with the basic concept of men doing what pleases them and not living to please women.

Let’s keep it real!  We already know most of the information spoken about Moors and African American Men.  We’re the first to experience betrayal from our women, and the first to experience the destruction of the venom from feminism.  Now that Anglo-American, European Men, and simply White Men in general, are experiencing this, it has now become a movement.  I often laugh to myself when I see brothers trying to fit into these circles of which the adherents are known to refer to that realm as the “Anglo-Sphere”.

If brothers support MGTOW as a named movement, then they are no better than African American Women when they supported and continue to support feminism.  What’s also funny is how brothers can take the advice of White Men as it pertains to Women.  White men conveniently say race has nothing to do with MGTOW, yet the entire concept is catered to them.  They are the cause and reason why women are conducting themselves in the manners they are.

English painter William Blake’s engraving, “Europe supported by Africa and America” (1796) of three naked women – one black, one white, one brown – who stand in for their countries.

The White Man has gone to every country and turned every Indigenous People’s women against them.  Most minority women have a weak spot for the European Male; especially, the Anglo Male.  From America to Africa to Asia, women submitted themselves to the European male and sold out their own men.  The White Man used rape and violence to achieve his goals, which makes even less sense why so many minority women love him so much.  He had the opportunity of having every other man’s woman while keeping his woman away from all other men; especially, Moors and men of African descent.

The Asian community has a huge problem with its women running to European males, so the divide in the Asian community over interracial dating is huge.  I would say even worse than the African American community.  Now that the White Woman is betraying the White Male via feminism, which is what women of color have done to their own men, he decides to launch a crusade against Women; specifically, with hopes of getting all males of the world to follow him.  He is giving insight into the evil and slick ways of White Women.  Brothers shouldn’t let that be a deterrent from breeding them out of existence by accessing her womb.  It is a badge of slavery imposed upon them by White Men.

Editors Note
To fully grasp the veracity of the tactics used to deter Moors from disassociating from his woman,you must simply look at the sheer numbers nature has allotted us.  There are supremely more White Women than White Men.  The White Man has used terms like "minority", because he knows very few understand he has always been talking about math instead of ethnicity.  The White Man is the minority on the planet. His understanding of this ignited his quest to depreciate value of the Black Man, so his woman would never see him as anything other than what's been described by the owner of medium outlets....White Men.  Time has caused the curtains to fall.  The world is awakened to what and who the real minority is on the planet.  Panic has set in.  Thus........MGTOW....the new crusade!

He fails to mention that if he had not spread his crusade far and wide through imperialism, degrading men of all cultures he invaded, the relationship between these Men and Women would still be intact.  He also fails to mention that if he, being the ruler of the country, had not supported and promoted feminism in the first place, then it would not be a problem today.  I’m sorry fellas, but I am just not buying this stuff.

Brothers have been going their own way so to speak since the 70’s.  We came right out of the Black Power and Civil Rights movements into the Drug/Pimping era.  Brothers were vilified for it.  The White Man went along with all the negative things said about Brothers in terms of being dead beats, worthless, lazy, etc.  Now that it is happening to him we must all hold hands and join in and support his movement?  Nah son……. I am not buying it!

Brothers in America should have a different agenda.  Various voices in the MGTOW movement have said Man’s basic premise and motivating factor behind doing what he does is to secure access to reproductive capabilities.  Therefore, it is safe to assume, or better yet presume, that all the racism and trickery the White Man has visited on your Brethren was to stop us from breeding in a capacity that gives us freedom!

I say we need “Harem Life” brothers not MGTOW.  We have a different set of problems than the European Male, and should not be joining up with him in any ventures where he is advocating we stay away from women. We should be trying to build harems, and reculture our lost and stolen cultures, not further follow the White Man into oblivion.



  • john

    Black men in the US were the spear point of MGTOW decades ago. White men in the Anglosphere simply gave what they were doing a name – MGTOW. And then we joined them.