defiance_061215_1600Episode 1 Season 3 of “Defiance” introduced a New Race known as the Omecs. Quite similar to Olmec, in this fantasy world the Omecs have Purple Skin and wear Turbans like Moors. In the Show the Omec developed on the planet Omec, possessing technology long before the other Votan races.

defiEvery 76 years their planet would come into range of the other Votan worlds and the Omec would raid them, collecting the other Votans to be used as slaves, sexual playthings and eventually food. At some point they were conquered by the Volge but a few of them survived and made the journey to Earth. They are considered devils and enchanters by the other Votan races and are widely feared for their predatory natures.

cnir8sgw8aamo65JESSE SCHEDEEN‘S article reported that: This Omec duo was interesting in that they’re not as overtly villainous as Tak, but they still pose a clear threat to Defiance. The idea that the Omecs are like the boogeymen to the rest of the Votanis Collective is cool. And it’s easy to see why they inspire such fear. Their character designs alone (the purple skin, the razor-sharp fangs, the glowing armor, the vaguely Middle eastern-inspired cloaks) set them apart from the other alien species on this show.

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