Rolls-Royce Ghost And Wraith With “Black Badge” Trim
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Just like every other automotive manufacturer, Rolls-Royce is taking the opportunity to showcase their new toys at this week’s Geneva Auto Show. Accordingly, here we get a look at the company’s new range of “Black Badge” models.

First off, the stealthy Ghost and Wraith editions boast what is being referred to as the “deepest, darkest and most intense black ever seen on a production car.” You can, however, purchase the vehicles in various other color options. To further complement the theme, the rides showcase alloy-carbon composite wheels.

The interior shading doesn’t exactly stick to the dark, murdered-out concept. The Ghost features purple accents, while the Wraith welcomes blue detailing. The dashboards then notes an aluminum-threaded carbon composite that plays complement to the brighter hits.

Under the hood, you will find a 6.6-liter V12 in each car, as the Ghost cranks out 603 horsepower with 620 pound-per-feet of torque, and the Wraith, 623 horsepower with 642 pound-per-feet of torque. Both the Ghost and the Wraith feature eight-speed automatic gearboxes.

As for now, costs for Rolls-Royce’s new “Black Badge” models are unknown, but per usual, don’t expect them to run cheap.

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