“They lying when they told you Slavery was Abolished…..” Quadir Lateef Video Directed by: Clifton Bell


 Photo by Ridwan Adhami

Ruff Ryders latest signee  Quadir Ibn Lateef Habeeb in his latest Haqq addresses the continuing Badges, Incidents, Vestiges and Relics of Slavery imposed on descendants of the Ancient/Medieval Moors by Police in the United States of America.


Quadir Ibn Lateef Habeeb was raised a devout Muslim. The video is shot behind a street backdrop that captures the essence of classic Ruff Ryders music videos.


“I’m in my prime like the Moors in Spain, give fuck about the tour, you enduring the fame., hell fire you surrounded by gold and chains, Seven levels, but the first five floors of shame, close the gates to ensure the pain, said Allah , but you ignored the name, spitting forest rain…. “



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M.H. Solicitor/Model Scout

American born Moor, Author, History Researcher, Modernist, 720 Entrepreneur/ Corporate Mogul in the making; who observes & analyzes human nature for data mining purposes. Knowing is Half the Battle, Wisdom is needed for appropriate application of knowledge and right reasoning.

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