Did you meet Stevie yet? By the way who the heck is Stevie? I have no clue, but metaphysical mystical inquiring minds should know. I have to give it to the homie A.A. Rashid went off on this track. First dude to recognize my legendary status, so I must return the favor and give honors to the Qabalahgod.

Although this track is off of the Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs’ EP, “Nautica Nagas”, which is available now on planetasia2.bandcamp.com, dirtydiggsrecordshop.com, & iTunes; A.A. Rashid shined bright on this. both MC’s did their thing honorably of course.

A.A. is a Brooklynite for real, for real, from the era of riding the iron horse and run ins with the Decepticons. So I’m proud to see the Brother doing what he loves to do.

Oh…, did I forget to mention he helped usher in the new age of God Consciousness through some of the most profound lectures, google or youtube him and you will see the light, oh pardon me…., I meant the Daath! Anyway roll something up, light it up, watch the video and see if you meet Stevie!



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