Pilot Earbuds

What is Pilot?

The Pilot is a highly sophisticated earbud which uses dual microphones and custom noise cancelling algorithms to produce clear speech before it is passed through our mobile app and to our speech translation engine in the cloud. It is a state of the art solution that relays speech translation very quickly with minimal latency. Your order grants you access to the full system, including two Pilot earbuds and the translation software, for you and your guests.

How Does the Pilot Work?

You can use it through two main translation features, called Listen and Converse:

First, we’re releasing a new feature called Listen, which will interpret what you’re speaking back to you in your choice of languages. It’s an ideal use case for language learning, where the Pilot can be set to speak back to you in the language you want to learn. But just as exciting, you can also use Listen so that the Pilot automatically interprets someone speaking into your language. Keep in mind that there are limitations, such as the proximity and location of the other person to you, and it’s not yet capable of translating more than one person speaking at you, but it’s ready to be released as a beta feature for you to use. It’s the first step in developing a translating earpiece which will eventually translate everything around you, and your feedback as you use it will be extremely helpful. Listen  will be released in a few days as an update to your current Pilot earbud and app.

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