Peugeot “Le Bistro Du Lion” Food-truck

French car maker Peugeot is known for its futuristic design work through its Design Lab. From the DL121 Bike, the ONYX Super Car to the ONYX Sofa, the Peugeot Design Lab has proved to be a forward thinker in various disciplines in the past. The latest work by the lab is “Le Bistro du Lion” foodtruck. The custom van comes with a matching trailer and together they become on location a pop-up restaurant. From a full kitchen, coffee machine down to a DJ booth, the concept thought of pretty much everything. Food-truck specialist Euromag outfitted the truck with all the kitchen equipment and the coffee machine is provided by Rocket. The new restaurant on wheels will take up residence at Milan Design Week 2015 on 14 April, before heading to the French Pavilion at the 2015 World’s Fair, Expo Milano, where the theme will be “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” Peugeot has selected the talented French chef Sven Chartier, of Saturne and Le Clown Bar in Paris, as the first culinary tenant of Le Bistrot du Lion. With food truck concepts becoming bigger globally, we would not be surprised if some car makers actually start catering more targeted concepts to that particular market in the future.