Failing can be negative or positive. Depending on what it does to you, how you take it and what you learn from it. When something doesn’t work as planned, then a 720 Entrepreneur considers it a failure. The only question that remains is how you will respond to that failure? Failing is apart of living, and if taken the correct way, will prove the best of all teachers.medium_8226451812

Although you gain a tremendous amount from failing, you do not want to become a habitual failure. Recognizing, realizing and accepting that you will fail from time to time, you do not want to become use to it. Failing continually means you are a loser and that is something you cannot afford to be. The reality is that you want to overcome your failures so that you negate its negative effects on your life.

You cannot be afraid to do things that you can and will possibly fail in. In other words fear not failure itself but rather fear any intentions to fail. Overcoming failure can be extremely difficult if you are prone to self-pity and self-loathing. At times you may need to bottom out and do a little bit of self loathing, but eventually, sooner rather than later you must snap out of it and continue to march forward to your goals.

This is when your dedication, discipline and determination kicks in. The overall strength of your state of mind is what gives you the tools and ability to overcome failure in your life and business endeavors. Failure is defeated when self-motivation is united with dedication, discipline and determination. There is no way around employing these self perfecting attributes if one is trying to condition themselves for success, just as a an athlete conditions for the sport that they’d compete in.

overcoming+failureThe difficulty of overcoming failures is rooted in the lack of trust and belief in yourself and your own capabilities. You cannot expect others to believe in you, if you do not believe in yourself and trust in yourself. Taking this into consideration, you must ask yourself do you truly believe that you can accomplish whatever it is you really want. If you can be honest with yourself then you are one step closer to overcoming a past failure or a future one.

If you are of the belief that you cannot accomplish what you want to, then you simply must admit it and move forward from there. Not believing in yourself is only an indication of why you must convince yourself that you must believe in yourself. A major incentive should be that no one else can do this for you, and if you don’t then you will always be stuck where you are. If you do believe in yourself then your next step is to create a foundation for confidence building strategies that gradually solves the problems that caused you to fail in the past.

By setting incremental goals that lead up to solving the overall problem of your past failures, you are effectively formulating and systematizing your failure into a template for all future circumstances and situations of all kinds; in which solutions can be implemented from according to need and necessity. This makes avoiding failure and overcoming it organic and spontaneous, because you’ve already made a template of what not to do, so all you are left with is what to do.

Life is extremely challenging and failure is inevitable, but to minimize the feelings of self-loathing you may be susceptible to; you must adopt the mentality of a scientist so that all your activities fall within the realm of experimentation. This allows you to focus on the technicalities and details as well as the logic and reason pertaining to a given matter or certain circumstances.

Knowing is half the battle, the other half is rooted in applying what you know. On some level applying scientific thought systems to your business endeavors will enhance its overall viability, because there will be very little involved in your business endeavors that you haven’t already planned for and or determined the possible outcome for.

This application makes overcoming failures as simple as one, two, three, because it will be easy for you to identify where and what you did incorrectly. You will no longer be oblivious as to why certain failures continue to reoccur. Failure is the primary obstacle you will face throughout your business endeavors. You must learn to overcome this by practicing consistency and strength in your decision-making ability.

The inability to overcome failures will greatly destabilize the foundation you are building. You do not want failure to become a routine occurrence or something you’ve assimilated with. Failures should always be a temporary state of being and not a permanent one. The necessity for overcoming failure is of utmost importance on your quest for success.21-important-lessons-from-failure

You must circumvent every obstacle that is in your path and turned every stumbling block into a stepping-stone. The key is taking negatives and turning them into positives. When you are able to execute this particular strategy, then you will never see failure as your end result, but rather the beginning of a solution and a lesson well learned. Implementing this will ensure and guarantee that you will achieve the results you hoped for. A 720 Entrepreneur can never fail, because they have mastered overcoming failure.

This piece is an excerpt from the book “720 Entrepreneur: The Craft of Entrepreneurship.” from the 13th Degree/Chapter, Written By Shyaam M. Kushimir