Mohren bräu beer comes from Vorarlberg, the western end of Austria. The Mohren Gambrinus Dark Beer received its name from the founder: Josef Mohr.

The name “Mohrenwirt”is  first mentioned in 1784 for the first 50 years on the guest and brewery property changes into the possession of the Huber family.

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Josef Mohr opened a pub with a brewery in 1784. Mohren Gambrinus Dark Beer smells very promising. Taste analysts contend that the first gulp conjures a fruity and malty experience which includes an herb flavour.

Official statements According to the company is that the logo was acquired from the original brewery founder’s Josef Mohr Family Crest in 1834.

The brewery is very old, archives provide tax registrations and it appears the company was designated by 1808 as a real “beer brewing justice” and operated such trade at least since the year 1742. See THE MOHRENBRAUEREI




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