As a DC Comic fan it was great to see the new CW Supergirl Tv Series cast the beautiful Sharon Leal to play the role of Miss Martian on the show. Leal appears for the first time in the recent episode, “Welcome to Earth,” holding a job bartending at a secret alien bar under investigation by characters Alex and Maggie. Miss Martian revealed herself as a Martian to J’onn J’onzz/Hank. Until this event J’onn J’onzz assumed he was the last Martian alive. In our reality Cairo, Egypt’s official name is al-Qāhirah, which means literally: “Place or Camp of Mars“, in reference to the fact that the planet was rising at the time of the city’s foundation as well as, “the Vanquisher“; “the Conqueror“; “the Victorious” or, “the Strong” (al-Qahira) in reference to Caliph Al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah who arrived from the old Fatimid capital of Mahdia in 973 AD to the city.  See  Why The Name Cairo. To Learn more about Moors. See Introduction to Moorish Race and Nationality 

david-harewood-supergirl-812x522According to Dana Reynolds Marniche the names of almost all of the Arabian tribes or Afro-Asiatics were related to the stars and planets. These in turn were related to the animals and fauna of the natural world as well as the internal consciousnesses and their dynamics within the human etheric body. This is what is called Gnosis or Kabbalah and from it sprang all religion and civilization. Since the time of the earliest Romans of course for the Europeans such words as Mauri, Nabit, Kush, Kedar, Sud’an, etc. were synonyms of black people. Mauri, Nabit and Kush had originally nothing to do with black. The word Kedar originally was somehow connected with a black greenish iron according to Jahiz. While Sud or Saud is connected to the name for black or cultivated soil. The root of the name Sud’an for a people is with whom the Arab writers called “Sudan, son of Canaan” or “Sud bin Aslam b. Al-Haf (Ephah son of Madi’an) b. Qudha’a (Kuth)”, ancestor of the Juhayna (Djehene) which became “Chana” or Janawa (Gnawa or Ijnawan) in Africa. See Afroasiatics Blogspot Owner


In Supergirl, M’gann M’orzz’s is played by Leal (who is of American Moor/Filipino descent). The White Martian secret is standard as to her character. I like other fans would like to know How long has she been on Earth? Did she only create that Green Martian look for J’onn’s benefit or has she felt more comfortable that way?  In the Season 1 episode “Strange Visitor From Another Planet”, Supergirl and J’onn fought a White Martian who assumed the image of Senator Miranda Crane in the episode “Myriad,” it was still incarcerated at the DEO. White Martians have a reputation for being aggressive creatures with little to no empathy, that is as they are described by the Green Martians who accuse the White Martians of exterminating and enslaving them. Obviously, discrimination of race based on color is goes beyond the circumference of earth and right on into the cosmic universe in D.C. Comics. We will see how it is taken when M’ganns secret is revealed, in like manner as Mon-El’s native planet defined him for Supergirl upon their first introduction.


During  the “Welcome to Earth,”episode, J’onn suggested he and M’gann telepathically connect in order to share thoughts, which was intimate and traditional on Mars, even though they just met. M’gann hesitated to do so  because of her true form as a White Martian. Her true form and identity of a White Martian has always been something she’s kept a secret until forced or compelled to reveal the truth due to unforeseen circumstances. And well, frankly, most of the time it’s not seen as a big deal considering she’s a “heroin.” White Martian abilities are not much different than Green Martians (telepathy, super strength, invisibility, shapeshifting) and they seem to both be weak when it comes to fire, so the ruse is not a difficult one.