The time has come for the historically enslaved population of the United States of America to finally tackle the identity crisis that has been so ever elusive. The recent shooting of a young Moorish-American man, Mansur Ball-Bey, is bringing to light a reality that has yet to be tackled by mainstream pundits and personalities.

Initial reports of this incident, (specifically the first article broaching the subject released by Huffington Post), included reports calling Ball-Bey a “Black” man or “African” American.  Since that time most reports referring to him as an African American man or Black man, have been removed for the most part. This is due to the universal customs, practices, and culture of American Moors/Moorish Americans, vehemently and openly denying and rejecting all badges, brands, and names alluding to slavery.

The criminal court system has been misreporting race and nationality of American Moors for at least 10 to 11 decades.  Their predecessors began this schematic practice during the Muslim Holocaust (Transatlantic Slave Trade), by changing the identity of captured Moors from their national identity to brands of slavery (colored, negro, black) on ship manifests. This was done for two reasons:

1. To historically hide the fact they were breaking various treaties and international agreements with Moorish Empires, as those laws explicitly state Moors shall not be made slaves upon capture on the high seas.

2. To collect on insurance policies established from their shipping endeavors. This in essence was and is “securities fraud”.  Changing a Moors’ identity on the manifest to Black allowed them to catalog Moors as chattel property.

Fast forward to today, this incident where a badge was placed on Moors has several generations later led to our people clinging to a badge of slavery and turning it into a national identity trophy. This is completely asinine and infantile. Thus, that alone ignites my first charge against the “Black Lives Matter campaign“.

For starters, I assert , unapologetically, the black lives matter concept is completely effeminate, passive, and a waste of time.  Begging and pleading for people to adhere to a concept “their life matters” is a straight up bitch move! If you have to tell people their life matters, then clearly they don’t think it does. The tactics the black community adheres to is completely soft and it’s all bark and no bite.

The tactics being used by the black lives matter campaign is effeminate and soft, because the Black Community is lead by Black Women whom have always been pacifist to the status quo.  Black women aren’t and have never been a threat to the power structure of White Supremacy Doctrines.  She has been a staunch supporter and capitulates to every and all demands made by white supremacist status quos.

“The Negro was given liberty, but not equality. Life remained hazardous and marginal. Of the greatest importance, the Negro male, particularly in the South, became an object of intense hostility, an attitude unquestionably based in some measure of fear. When Jim Crow made its appearance towards the end of the 19th century, it may be speculated that it was the Negro male who was most humiliated thereby; the male was more likely to use public facilities, which rapidly became segregated once the process began, and just as important, segregation, and the submissiveness it exacts, is surely more destructive to the male than to the female personality. Keeping the Negro “in his place” can be translated as keeping the Negro male in his place: the female was not a threat to anyone.” Moynihan Report: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action Office of Policy Planning and Research United States Department of Labor March 1965 – See more at: – 

Whenever men are being led by women you can expect those men to be soft as hell, and whoever the female capitulates to, the male will follow, because he serves her and she serves who she perceives to be dominant. This can be associated with the same mechanism found in cuckolding. Black Lives Matter is a completely reactionary response to the abuses being committed by the modern day slave patrols.

One of the lead organizers of the Black Lives Matter campaign has been outed as the male version of Rachel Dolezal. Basically, an Anglo American pretending to be “Black” or “African American” is spear heading the Black Lives Matter Movement. Furthermore, the Black Lives Matter movement has been high jacked by the Black LGBT Community. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Black People would choose “sexual preference” to be more important than their Race and Nationality.  In closing, Black Lives Matter is a farce, and is funded by elite powers who wish to perpetuate the badges and brands of slavery…………… as usual!  Let me know what your thoughts are.