The Musketeers is a BBC historical-action drama programme based on the characters from Alexandre Dumas‘s novel The Three Musketeers‘. The Musketeers help rescue the Moor‘s daughter in exchange for the deadly gunpowder formula. The Good Traitor’ of the title is General Tariq Alaman (portrayed by Colin Salmon best known for playing Charles Robinson in three James Bond films and James “One” Shade in the Resident Evil film series. More recently he has been seen by television audiences as Walter Steele onThe CW series Arrow and General Coburn on 24: Live Another Day, a limited series based on Fox network’s hit TV series, 24. He currently plays Mr. Sands on the CBS television series Limitless.).

gallery_7697269-low_resHis character General Tariq Alaman is a Moor exiled from Spain, he requires the Musketeers’ aid and has a new and exceptionally powerful brand of gunpowder as a bargaining chip. In return for this weapon of war, Alaman demands that Treville’s finest rescue his captive daughter from the bigoted General Baltasar (Finbar Lynch) – there’s shades of Othello here, as Tariq’s most trusted lieutenant is revealed as a bitter turncoat who in truth loathes his superior officer. Alaman and his daughter are Moors exiled from Spain, betrayed by the new Government.

gallery_7697348-low_resGeneral Tariq Alaman’s beautiful daughter Samara Alaman is portrayed by (Antonia Thomas). Thomas was born in London, the daughter of a Jamaican mother and an English father. The above picture is a scene where she is reading poems by the Mystic Umar Ibn al Farid.  Samara finds herself a captive alongside Porthos. Porthos (portrayed by Howard Charles) is a character who’s mother was from Africa and his father is French but he does not know where his mother is from in Africa, Samara tells him that France will one day turn on him as Spain turned on the Moors

gallery_7697361-low_resDuring their captivity, Samara asked Porthose if he reads Arabic,         Porthose responds: I’m not a Moor, I’m French. Samara responds: You  might have been born in this country but that doesn’t make you french,   in their eyes you are at best a stranger, at worst a mongrel, I am a Moor, I’m going home to Morocco.General Tariq Alaman is asked why is he doing, what he is doing??? His response is: “Spain has turned against my people the Moors, we are exiled or murdered, I am a fugitive, a wanted man….”  The main antagonist is Balthazar pictured above with lady Alaman who says:” Moors should eat of the floor like dogs.. ” Alaman’s protege turned persecutor Balthazar spits racism, Baltahazar laters tells Alaman: “the Moor is an inferior species, it must be trained like an animal,with discipline and harshness.”