mohrenapotheke-web-01-c9Mohr is a German-language name for [Moors] people with darker skin color . Ancient (Old and Middle High German) initially by residents of Mauritania ( Moors ), and generalized in the Middle Ages “People with dark skin”, since the 16th century only in this extended meaning. The word is now rarely used, and if so, in the historical or literary context or as part of names, such. As a coat of arms figure in heraldry . See Introduction of Moorish Race and Nationality.


unser-teamThe name and the image of the Moor also found its way into numerous sequential designations, for example in the field of fauna and flora. In particular the use of pictorial representations of the Moor as the company logo and the advertising of certain products, but also in the context of different customs For generations. In 1442 the Moors pharmacy is first mentioned, making it the oldest pharmacy in Nuremberg. Emperors and kings have risen and fallen, the Pharmacy has seen and experienced cultural heydays and low points. To find out more about the history of the Moors pharmacy or on the origin of the name Mohrenapotheke – then click here.


To date, the Moors pharmacy of traditional own specialties holds and pushes, especially in times of increasing awareness of natural and pure medicines to many friends – both of Nuremberg as well as in many of the 750,000 tourists annually, from the pharmacist portal of Lorenzkirche emerge and find their way to the Moors-pharmacy.




Since 1938, the pharmacy is now in 3rd generation owned by the Bouhon family. During WW2 the family the Destruction of the offices had to cope with. In a Barackenbau before Lorenzkirche ill could rely on the help of the pharmacy until you at the old location, the Moor-house with great joy could reopen on 12 March 1951st





In 1961 Walter Bouhon permission for producing drugs. 1966 is establishing the pharmacist Bouhon GmbH, which until today with a now wide range of skin care products branded as “free” shows and is active throughout Europe.



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