Other Symbology Incorporated Into Beyonce’s New Video

Apparently, Beyonce’s new music video titled “Formation“, is breaking the internet. Last night my timeline was going haywire because of Beyhive sharing this video. So I decided to give it a view and see what the madness is/was about. I am thoroughly unimpressed; in general, maybe because I am not a consumer of female driven music. I appreciate good music in general, but my masculinity doesn’t allow me to enjoy nor even understand this type of music.

With that being said, the song is delivering a catchy ratchet song as usual. The big difference, I noticed in this video as opposed to other Beyonce videos and other female Pop singers, is the Afrocentric symbolism included in it. I assume ”Afrocentricity” is the new fad or trend in pop culture, at least among the African Americans. We’ve seen this before though. The late 80’s and early 90’s saw the rise and fall of ”Afrocentricity” as a fad or trend in popular culture among African Americans.

Jay Electronica – The Moor

The major thing standing out to me is the brother wearing the Fez. The Fez is the National Headdress for Moors and American Moors. I have no clue why she is appropriating “Moorish flow” in this video; however, anyone who works in the entertainment industry from TV, movies, and music knows anything that is seen visually is meticulously done with extreme attention paid to all elements seen in the video. So I can only conclude that she wants to incorporate the Moorish Energy, because it’s definitely increasing among the populace in general awareness. It’s not surprising considering her husband has signed rapper Jay Electronica who’s known to represent his Moorish heritage publicly and in his music.

Beyonce Meme

Celebrities are notorious for seeing popular undercurrents in society and exploiting it to introduce them to the masses as if they are the creators of it. With the popularity of the Murakush Society Moors In Court Videos on YoutubeFacebook and Worldstarhiphop it’s obvious that this undercurrent definitely has an effect on celebrities. On the flip side, I guess it’s a good thing most of the time a celebrity does that, because a lot of things wouldn’t become known or noticed if celebrities didn’t do it.  It’s like a gift and a curse. My only problem is people will assume those who’ve been in the know representing such undercurrents (the undercurrent being the African Americans recognizing their Moorish Heritage and Ancestry prior to Slavery), will instantaneously be deemed a bandwagoner milking the fad train.

Moorish Americans (A Group of Moors Espousing to the teachings of Noble Drew Ali of the MSTA) affix El or Bey at the ends of their names. Bey is a Moorish-Turkish name for Governor. A lot of people call Beyonce Bey for short. Some people reach to assert Beyonce is aware of her Moorish ancestry because of her name. I don’t know what a person knows or doesn’t, but it’s definitely something Moorish women have brought up to me on numerous occasions.



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