*Eye Color: Brown *Hair: Brown *Sign: Pisces *Pets: My dog Micho *Piercings: None *Smoke: Nope *Drink: Too seldom *Tattoos: None


Shyaam M. Kushimir: Which do you prefer beer or wine?

Michelle Lewin: Wine.

SMK: Do you like blindfolds or handcuffs?

ML: Handcuffs.

SMK: Do you like a man that wears boxers or briefs?

ML: Boxers.

SMK: Are you a cash girl or credit girl?

ML: Who cares?

SMK: Do like cats or dogs?

ML: Dogs.

SMK: Chocolate or Vanilla?

ML: Chocolate.

SMK: What do you drink in the morning coffee or tea?

ML: None.

SMK: Hard or Soft?

ML: Hard.

SMK: Which do you value more, love or money?

ML: Love.

SMK: Do you own a Mac or PC:

ML: Mac.

SMK: Phone or in Person?

ML: In Person.

SMK: Sour or Sweet?

ML: Sweet.

SMK: Do you go dutch or do you expect the man to pay bill?

ML: The man should pay.


SMK: What are your favorite books

ML: Not a book reader.

SMK: What is your favorite car?

ML: Still driving Mercedes CLK-SLR.

SMK: What is your favorite drink?

ML: Long Island.

SMK: What is your favorite holidays / festival?

ML: Eastern in Isla de Margarita, Venezuela.

SMK: What is your favorite type of music?

ML: Salsa.

SMK: What is your favorite Quote?

ML: “It´s Britney, bitch.”

SMK: What is your favorite season?

ML: Spring.

SMK: What are your favorite snacks?

ML: Protein bar.

SMK: What is your favorite TV Show?

ML: Jimmy Fallon.

SMK: What is your favorite video game?

ML: Grand Theft Auto.

SMK: What can’t you live without?

ML: Having a gym close by.

SMK: What are your favorite clothing brands?

ML: Not a brand girl, whatever that looks nice.

SMK: Fast Food / Restaurant?

ML: Sushi / Sushi!

SMK: What item you never leave home without?

ML: My phone.

SMK: What is your favorite movie?

ML: Iron Man.

SMK: What is your favorite place to shop?

ML: Outlets.

SMK: What is your favorite Restaurant?

ML: Buffé restaurants

SMK: What is your favorite shoe brand?

ML: Pleaser.

SMK: What is your favorite sports team?

ML: FC Barcelona

SMK: Where are your favorite vacation spots?

ML: Places with crystal clear water and white beaches.


SMK: What was your motivation on becoming a Model?

ML: The attention and support.

SMK: What are your expectations from Modeling?

ML: To have fun.


SMK: What was the worst place for a guy to hit on you?

ML: In the gym. I´m VERY focused.

SMK: What was the Worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

ML: A guy reading a poem. I hate poems.

SMK: What is the best or most creative pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

ML: Here´s the key to my Lambo. It´s right around the corner, have fun.

SMK: What is the most-likely dating approach to work with you is…

ML: If we have fun, and he use his brain more than his money.

SMK: What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

ML: Just eyes. No more needed.

SMK: Have you ever been in a situation when two men competed for your attention at the same time? Who won, and why?

ML: My boyfriends always have a hard time. I´m a flirty girl without knowing it. But the one I´m with is always the one to get full attention.


SMK: Favorite Porn?

ML: Whenever beautiful actors are involved.

SMK: What is your favorite sex position:

ML: Missionary.

SMK: What is your favorite Sex Toy?

ML: Dildo.

SMK: What is the kinkiest thing you’ve done?

ML: Sex in public.

SMK: Are you a member of the mile high club?

ML: No.

SMK: Where is the most dangerous place you’ve done it?

ML: On the beach, daytime, with people around.

SMK: What is your fantasy?

ML: Three-some with extra girl.

SMK: What turns you on?

ML: Toned bodies.

SMK: What turns you off?

ML: Bad breath.

SMK: Type of women you like?

ML: Latin, curvy with nice faces.

SMK: What gets you off is…

ML: When a man knows what he´s doing

SMK: Sex on the first date?

ML: No.

SMK: Marriage?

ML: A part of life.





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