George (James Purefoy), a knight returned from the Crusades, wishes to retire from soldiering, find a wife, and settle on “an acre of land with two head of cattle.” To conclude the transaction, he agrees to help the land’s owner, King Edgaar (Simon Callow), whose daughter Princess Lunna (Piper Perabo) has disappeared. Also in search of the princess are Garth (Patrick Swayze), betrothed of the unwilling princess, and the mercenary El Cabillo, a title which passes through different men, the first of which is played by an uncredited Val Kilmer.




Mercenaries arrive, led by El Cabillo, who then reveals himself to the group as Tarik (Michael Clarke Duncan), a Moor who had been a close friend of George during the Crusade. El Cabillo’s men revolt against him, wishing to capture the Princess and claim the reward themselves. While they are fighting, the baby dragon hatches, the monk Elmendorf is killed saving the Princess from a flyingspear, and King Edgaar’s men and Sir Robert’s men arrive to join the fray. During the fight, Garth and George are forced to collaborate against a mutual enemy: the former second-in-command of El Cabillo, the leader of the mutiny. They fight him off together, but occasionally strike at each other.



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