Like so many pieces of Battleworld, the focal province in SECRET WARS 2099 may recall the future Marvel Universe fans know and love, but a quick scratch of the surface reveals it to be quite different.

Today we showcase the heroes that make up the Avengers of 2099 to introduce readers to this brand new look at the final years of the 21st Century.

Captain America

The latest recipient of the Super Soldier serum, Roberta, exhibits impressive strength, lives by the book, and stands out as a natural leader. She also happens to be a family woman with a husband and two children unaware of her costumed pursuits. Of course, she appears to be equally in the dark about what she has been up to when not at her desk…


With his jaunty leather strap, he might look very much like the Hercules of our time, but this demigod has not survived his transition to the late 21st Century entirely intact. Drinking to excess, harassing women on the street, and mourning the deaths of those long departed, Herc feels very much a shell of the good-time party hero he used to be.

Black Widow

Tania, like those that have preceded her bearing the mantel of that deadly spider, shows equal zeal in and out of costume. That aggressiveness coupled with her lack of compunction when it comes to killing, creates tension between her and the more classically heroic Captain America.

Iron Man

As one would expect from a hero called Iron Man, 2099’s incarnation of ol’ Shellhead wears an impressive cutting edge suit of armor. However, Sonny Frisco’s greatest advantage has nothing to do with his high tech exoskeleton but rather Vision, a psychic he keeps hidden away from the rest of the world—and possibly his teammates.


We’ve yet to learn much about this high flying member of the team except what can be seen. While he favors the colors of his early 21st century namesake, this Hawkeye seems to have little use for the bow and arrow. Additionally, his wings, almost talon like-hands, and sharp features suggest there might be quite a bit of bird mixed in with this man.

Miguel Stone

If Spider-Man ever existed in this version of 2099, he seems to have retired. Now bearing the surname of his hated father—while still seeming to harbor quite a bit of resentment towards him—Miguel oversees the Avengers and the day-to-day functioning of megacorporation Alchemax. Whether a lack of morality came with the name change remains to be seen.

Originally posted: Meet the Avengers of 2099