Kevin, Crew and J Dilla’s Mom

Being able to witness Greatness emerge for your eyes, is a rare occurrence in this world. Being able to know that greatness on a personal basis is another luxury that people rarely get to experience within a lifetime. We had the honorable chance to sit down and interview possibly the Greatest Living Artist of our time the Noble Kevin Scene Lewis. Kevin is undoubtedly the Picasso of our Generation, and to hell with anyone who disagrees.

When I compare his work to Justin Bua’s work, I get the impression that Kevin will mean more to the world in general and the world of Hip Hop in terms of timeless and soul gripping art. He is able to blend technical skill along with abstract soulful aesthetics, leaving the viewer drawing from the depths of their own soul to observe the essence of his Art. Kevin also donated a Piece to J Dilla’s Mom for the J Dilla Smithsonian exhibit. Check out some of his work below. Also make sure you visit his website.



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