Things like electric bikes, electric unicycles (, and electric skateboards have been creating a big buzz in recent years. As technology develops, these ridable, motor-driven devices are becoming smaller, better, and have a longer battery life which makes them a much more attractive option for those looking to commute to work or have to walk a lot during the day. However, they have all been targeted towards city life, not really for off-road use. This is where Maverix comes in.

Maverix is made up of a team of board sports professionals who have pooled all of their knowledge and experience to design coherent products for the general public. The company wants to create a revolution by offering a groundbreaking approach to sliding sports and recreational products with its range of electric skateboards. You can discover this new fun, eco-friendly, safe, and easy-to-use electric board made to suit anyone, beginners and skateboard-savvies alike.

Maverix Electric Skateboards

Maverix BorderX Electric Skateboard

Maverix BORDER X is an ultra fun all-terrain electric skateboard for the adventurous rider. This model invites you to unforgettable excursions on dirt, grass, and sand, and the board’s stability gives you full latitude to improvise your course. You will be thoroughly impressed by its high capacity to move across the roughest terrain, thanks to its powerful 800 watt motor.

Maverix BorderX Electric Skateboard_1

Maverix BorderX Electric Skateboard_2

Maverix BorderX Electric Skateboard_3

Maverix BorderX Electric Skateboard_4

Maverix BorderX Electric Skateboard_5

Maverix BorderX Electric Skateboard_6

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Maverix CRUISER is the ideal electric skateboard for long rides. The board professionals at Maverix created it for use on smooth surfaces, so they made it with the utmost the flexibility and adhesion in mind. You will quickly and easily master large curves with this model, because it’s resolutely intended for a pure and simple ride sensation.

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard_1

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard_2

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard_3

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard_4

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard_5

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard_6

Maverix Cruiser Electric Skateboard_7

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