• The brand new album from CA native Planet Asia, formerly of the duo Cali Agents and a collaborator with everyone from Linkin Park to Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah! 
  • 16 stellar tracks themed around the iconic figure of Mansa Musa, 13th century emperor of the West African Mali Empire and widely regarded as the richest man who ever lived! 
  • Features guest appearances by Elijah Muhammad, Hus KingPin, Bad Lucc, Phil The Agony, Marvelous Mag, and more!

If you happen to be a “Hip Hop Aficionado”. This album is especially refreshing.

Treat yourself. Never cheat yourself.



  1. The Pilgrimage
  2. No Chinks in the Chain
  3. BYOG
  4. Executive Criminals
  5. Gun Logic
  6. Mini Mansions
  7. Indigo Trap
  8. Peace God
  9. Fly Co Op
  10. We Don’t Do That
  11. Money All Day
  12. Quench My Thirst
  13. Mansa Musa Medallions
  14. Unknown Worlds
  15. Good Money (Fresno City)
  16. Fight Back

Source: Planet Asia – Mansa Musa (Full Album)