Meet Maegan Vogel, the super sexy, beautiful and intelligent, super fit Italian model from Toledo, Ohio. She is a down to Earth Girl and most importantly a fan of Game of Thrones and a big time gamer. She has a very good spirit and intends on pursuing a career in acting. Check out our amazing interview with Maegan Vogel.


Age: 25| Eye Color: Blue/Green| Hair: Brown| Height: 5’6”| Heritage: Italian| Hometown: Toledo, OH| Measurements: 34, 25, 39| Sign: Aries!| Pets: Yoshi (a tortoise) & Disney (Calico cat)| Piercings: Belly button| Smoke: No, thank you.| Drink: Yes, please.| Tattoos: 4| Instagram: @maegansvogel


Moorish Harem: Which do you prefer Beer or Wine?

Maegan Vogel: Red wine.

MH: Which do you prefer Blindfold or Handcuffs?

MV: Am I being arrested?

MH: Which do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?

MV: Boxer briefs.

MH: Which do you prefer Cash or Credit?

MV: Cash

MH: Which do you prefer Cats or Dogs?

MV: Cats. Meow.

MH: Which do you prefer Chocolate or Vanilla?

MV: Chocolate

MH: Which do you prefer Coffee or Tea?


MH: Which do you prefer Hard or Soft?

MV: Taco shells?

MH: Which do you prefer Love or Money?

MV: Both.

MH: Which do you prefer Mac or PC?


MH: Which do you prefer Phone or in Person?

MV: In person, usually.

MH: Which do you prefer Sour or Sweet?

MV: Sour.

MH: Which do you prefer Dutch or do you Expect the man to pay bill?

MV: I think it should be a trade-off. Whoever asks on the date should pay the bill, but I don’t mind taking turns.


MH: What is your favorite Car?

MV: Mini Cooper

MH: What are your favorite Drinks?

MV: Non-alcoholic: Skinny Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. Alcoholic: Apothic Red Blend wine.

MH: What are your favorite Holidays / Festival?

MV: Thanksgiving, for the food and Halloween because I love to dress up & I love the decorations!

MH: What are your favorite Month/s?

MV: October. Fall fashion, pumpkin flavored anything & Halloween!

MH: What is your favorite Music?

MV: My music choice varies so much on my mood. My favorite band is Fall Out Boy but I could be caught belting Broadway showtunes, rap music, country, anything.

MH: What are your favorite quotes?

MV: “If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” –Lemony Snicket

MH: What are your favorite Season/s?

MV: Spring & Fall

MH: What are your favorite Snacks?

MV: Flaming-Hot Cheetohs & Pomegranates (not together.)

MH: What are your favorite TV Shows?

MV: Game of Thrones, Law & Order: SVU, Once Upon a Time.

MH: What are your favorite Video Games?

MV: Mario Kart Double Dash on GameCube.

MH: What items can’t you live without?

MV: Coffee, Mascara, Coconut Water.

MH: What are your favorite Clothing Brands?

MV: H&M, American Apparel, Forever 21.

MH: What is your favorite Fast Food Restaurant?

MV: Chik-Fil-A

MH: What are your favorite Restaurants?

MV: The Spaghetti Warehouse & Fortune Inn Chinese Restaurant in my hometown.

MH: What items you never leave home without?

MV: My cell phone & pearl earrings.

MH: What are your favorite Movies?

MV: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Harry Potter series, Beauty and the Beast, just to name a few. I’m a total movie-buff!

MH: What are your favorite Places to Shop?

MV: Hot Topic for all my nerd gear, H&M, Forever 21

MH: What are your favorite Shoe Brands?

MV: Converse: Chuck Taylors.

MH: What are your favorite Sports Team/s?

MV: OSU Buckeyes Football & Manchester United Soccer.

MH: What are your favorite Vacation Spots?

MV: Disney World. Always. But I REALLY want to visit Northern Ireland, U.K. in the near future.


MH: What is your Motivation on becoming a Model?

MV: It started with acting. Ideally, I will pursue a career as a television/film actress. However, I look at modeling as a challenge & skill, & I will continue to perfect both of these trades. I’ve always wanted to be in this business, since I was 4 years old & I haven’t wanted anything else in the entire world more than being an entertainer.

MH: What are your Expectations from Modeling?

MV: I expect to grow.

MH: What are some of the obstacles you’ve encountered from Modeling?

MV: Even though I am an outgoing person and an entertainer, I’m pretty private about it when it comes to my friends and family seeing that side of me. So showing them my work has been something I’ve had to get more comfortable with.

MH: What advice can you give to aspiring Models?

MV: Just never ever stop pursuing what you love. Everyone will tell you what a hard industry this is, whether you’re trying to make it professionally or just doing it for fun, it’s tough. But that will make it worth it.

MH: Does your family & friends support your decision to Model?

MV: Yes. I’m very lucky to have such supportive people in my life. My family has always pushed me to follow my dreams, a lot of them being singers & musicians. My friends are amazing, they’re my biggest fans.

MH: What are the pros and cons to Modeling?

MV: PROS: getting to work with diverse and unique professionals, getting all glammed up (Thank you to my MUA & best friend Adrianna O’Neill for always keeping me looking my best). CONS: stepping outside your comfort zone, having to see angles/images of yourself you don’t find particularly flattering (HAHA.)

MH: Have you encountered any haters, since beginning your Modeling career?

MV: There will always be “neigh-sayers”; even if they don’t confront you directly. It’s important to ignore the negativity of others.


MH: What kind of men do you prefer to date?

MV: I wouldn’t say a have a “type”, BUT typically, someone who takes care of their body- I have a lot of respect for that & funny. I’m a sucker for a funny guy, if you don’t make me laugh, there’s no shot.

MH: Which do you prefer short or tall men?

MV: Tall.

MH: Do you have a Racial, Ethnic, or Nationality Preference?

MV: Not necessarily, but I tend to go for tall guys with dark hair & light eyes.

MH: What are the things you look for in a man?

MV: A sense of humor & a sense of adventure.

MH: Which do you prefer Alpha Males or Beta Males?

MV: I like someone who knows when to be the Alpha & when to be the Beta.

MH: What are the things you find most attractive on men?

MV: Eyes, smile.

MH: Do you like to wear the pants in a relationship?

MV: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t particular, but I don’t want to call all the shots. I’m literally the most indecisive person I know, so sometimes I like to be assisted in my decisions.

MH: Are you Married?

MV: No.

MH: Do you want to get Married?

MV: Eventually.

MH: What is the Worst place for a guy to hit on you?

MV: The gym. There’s just something so awkward about someone pursuing me while I’m dripping sweat.

MH: What’s the Worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

MV: Something totally uncreative like, “Have you met my friend?” –even if your friend is gorgeous, I’m going to assume he can’t talk to me himself.

MH: The best or most creative pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

MV: Someone once told me they’ve never kissed an American girl before & it was on their bucket-list. It was definitely original, even though it didn’t work. J

MH: The Most-likely dating approach to work with you?

MV: Start with a joke. Something creative. Even cheesy can be funny if you play it off right!

MH: What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

MV: I’m all about the eyes. I’d like to think I make it very clear what I want with my eyes.

MH: Have you ever been in a situation when two men competed for your attention at the same time?

MV: Who won, and why? I plead the fifth.

Photos Provided By Emagen Photography, Felicia Mariah, and Zeptogator





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