M.O.B.B. Deep Prodigy & Havoc

M.O.B.B. Deep’s “Boom Goes The Cannon” is a hard hitting high energy track that more than soothes the M.O.B.B. Deep fans yearning to hear music from the iconic group post Prodigy’s recent ascension to Jannah. This new release appears coutesy of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton Series.

We are blessed to get vocals from both members Havoc and Prodigy. Here is an exert from Prodigy:

“We’re a powder keg about to explode/ wish we had a man like Hamilton to lighten the load, send the word get em’/ he got the fight he got the hunger/ I was just like him when I was younger/ head full of fantasys of dying like a martyr but look dying is easy young man, living is harder.” – Prodigy