LIVING and DYING is commerce. Everything in life amounts to some facet of business involved within it. Even things of a spiritual, personal, or family nature have business related elements also. It’s for this purpose Moors need to adjust their commercial outlooks on life, and make big adjustments to the way they do business. It has to be done quickly if there is any chance for success as a collective. We have to apply knowledge, and all that is beneficial for us, or we are going to perish.

Having Our Own Nation State

We must build our lives up individually and create brotherhoods which inevitably creates communities of enfranchisement. If we don’t enfranchise each other, we will continue being disenfranchised by everyone else. This is an unavoidable mountain we must climb collectively and individually. We need to support each other’s business endeavors.  To give you a comparison of the importance of supporting each other, take into account how much George Zimmerman raised via crowdfunding, and most recently Dylan Storm Roof (the Charleston Shooter), who raised over $4 Million for his legal defense from his supporters.

The significance of running your life as a business is you can’t do anything more progressive as a Moor in this day and age considering the condition of our Nation. Reports inform us we are 100 years behind every ethnic group, in terms of wealth building.  Statistics also show if we were contracting as a NATION STATE, we’d be the 16th largest country in the world. This is, of course, based on the spending totals of our people which is at $1.13 Trillion and basically being spent on foolishness and nonsense.

Moor El Bey LLC

Create your own LLC based on the activity of your life.  For example, if your name is,  per se, “Moor El Bey,” then your LLC should be “Moor El Bey LLC”.  This should be the entity you do everything under;  including, investing, starting businesses, health insurance, car insurance etc. All the business you conduct as an individual should be conducted under your LLC. As a Moor it doesn’t make sense to do business in a “straw man-individual capacity“, because you incur all of the liability personally. If you do your personal business under your LLC, you don’t incur any liabilities.  Your Signature is the company logo and seal.

Set Up An Irrevocable Trust

Once you take this action, you set up an Irrevocable Trust. If you are a Moor, you should be a Muslim! This means you set up your trust in accordance with Islamic law. This will give it protections against Riba(Usury). Then you’ll set up an Unincorporated Association under the trust. Then set up a Holding Corp and Operating Corp under the Unincorporated Association. Once you’ve set up this order of Entities, you are ready to build your Global Commercial Empire.

SET UP A FOREX ACCOUNT!  Foreign Currency Trading is an individual way out of the “Rat Race” and poverty. If you are a Moor or Muslim, you should get a Sharia Compliant Account with your Brokerage Firm. Do this so you can have an account that has little to no pip spread on your trades.  You will most likely need to have a foreign address, so you qualify for the greater levels of liquidity.

OPEN AN E-TRADE ACCOUNT or something to trade stocks and futures. I know a lot of people are skeptical today about the Markets, but they single handedly have the most money in them to increase your chances of making the biggest gains.  Peer into sustainable companies and tech companies if you want to make money long term. Next, get some precious metals and stones, as a great storage value for assets.

Get Some Bitcoin

Set up a Bitcoin account and/or some other “cryptocurrency” account akin to Dark Coin. This will allow you to make private, anonymous transactions and garner more fluidity and spontaneity when doing global business. Let’s say you have some business in Kenya or Nigeria as a sustainable farm or something, and you need to send the property manager some funds, you can bitcoin it to them through the Mobile App, because bitcoin transactions are popular throughout Africa through mobile communications. Operating in this manner will Liberate you financially and economically. It will enable you to travel at will, take care of your responsibilities, and provide time for you to search or fulfill what you really want to do in life.  As Moors you have to beat and win the rat race ASAP. We’re too far behind individually!  Making these moves will put you in position to win within 6 Months to 2 years of implementing this Liberation Information.