jaydenHYPOCRITEc. 1200, ypocrite, “false pretender to virtue or religion,” from Old French ypocrite (12c., Modern French hypocrite), from Church Latin hypocrita “a hypocrite,” from Greek hypokrites “stage actor; pretender, dissembler,”

  1.  False pretender to virtue or religion
  2. Stage actor
  3. Pretender
  4. Dissembler

Now that HYPOCRISY has been officially defined, let’s delve into the matter at hand.  I have, for the past few days, noticed amidst social forums, a humongous disdain for Jaden Smith, and his portrayal associated with Louis Vutton.  I have read several articles and seen many more.  I’ve read several threads on Facebook and Instagram over the matter.  As I read and read and read and read, I was floored by attacks on his manhood.  I was even more surprised at the outrage Black America displayed with his mother concerning the Oscars.  I agree with the outrage about the Oscar, but for more logical reasons; however, most threads seemed to echo Jada Pinkett Smith should be outraged at her son’s role in displaying women’s clothing for Louis Vutton.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  It was a consensus majority.  Black America had taken it upon itself to condemn Jaden Smith for dressing as a woman.

In recent years I recall a phenomenon called “SKINNY JEANS”.  It took Black America by storm.  For the most part, I didn’t see any fathers out purchasing these jeans for their sons.  I saw mothers.  I could not turn left nor right and not see teens sporting this faddish symbol of “coolness”.  WHO MADE THIS UNDESIRABLE FAD POPULAR IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY?  We all can ignore the obvious answer, or we can all agree it was our women.  Yes…….it was you!  It was you who didn’t want your son to be on the so called “outcrowd” and ignored the simple eyewitness fact those jeans looked feminine on your sons.  If there were dads out buying those jeans, then you should condemn them just as this article will condemn the mindsets of Black America for having such hypocritical pride to its role in ushering our sons towards embellishing a feminine look.

PRETEND-speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not
VIRTUE-behavior showing high moral standards.
DISSEMBLER-to give a false or misleading appearance to; conceal the truth or real nature of

The idea of Black America having disdain and mockery for Jaden Smith for his role in accepting monetary compensation for modeling women’s clothing is highly preposterous borderline laughable.  You are the same group of people who allowed your sons to model feminine attire under the guise of connecting with societal trends.  It is Black America who gave false or misleading images to your sons concerning manhood and the looks thereof.  It is Black America who now seems to sit up on high spewing some code of virtue when you’ve actually disowned those same virtues for your sons.  HOW MUCH MORE OF A HYPOCRITE CAN A RACE OF PEOPLE BE?  Not to mention, you allowed your sons to willingly dress feminine for free enriching other families simultaneously. 

To add insult to injury, your anger for Jaden Smith arose from his mother speaking out against the Oscars.  You, seemingly high morale and virtuous people, attacked and mocked a mother and her child for simply doing a thing you have done consistently for the past few years.  Even though I don’t agree with his mother speaking out about the senseless Oscars or Jaden dressing as a flower girl, I didn’t attack him or his mother for doing what they chose to do.  Black America feels it can dictate when morality and virtue is up for discussion and when it’s not.  Black America……..YOU DO NOT OWN MORALITY.  IT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE ON THE AUCTION BLOCKS!  HOW DID MORALITY GET ON THE AUCTION BLOCKS?  WHO MADE YOU THE MORALITY JUDGE.  Apparently, these are questions that have specific answers ONLY known to Black America.

In regards to religion, I hesitate to acknowledge the full blown ignorance being displayed by Black America in relation to the subject matter.  Most of Black America is Christian.  Does NOT your Bibles speak against homosexuality?  Are there any men in your Bibles being feminine?  Are there any men in your Bibles trading his morality for coin?  More so, are there any women in your Bibles trading their sons for trends?  These questions will undoubtedly go unanswered due to LOGIC not being a prerequisite of being Black.  However, the answer to all questions is overwhelmingly NO!  How has the male/femininity diaspora taken lead ahead of manhood in Black America?  The women of Black America barbarically support the ideology of feminine men.  You can be seen on many social mediums professing your love for the look and mannerism of the effeminate male.  You compliment him to increase his individuality.  You defend him increasing his courage.  You wine and dine with the effeminate male increasing his exposure.  IT IS YOU.  Your religion apparently has NO bearing on whether you and your morality remain contractually true to each other.  One only needs to visit any church on Sundays to see the proof of this.

It is quite a sad day in history for such a piece to be written.  I care not to debate my premise for even writing this piece.  A simple eyeball test is the ONLY scientific evidence needed to prove my claims listed in this article.  Black America presents itself knower of all, highest morale of all, and magistrate of all.  IT IS NOT!

Black America has been reduced to rubble.  We play the latchkey game when it is befitting to us.  If there is NO room for mockery, we won’t engage in it.  Even in our mockery, we cannot see our heightened participation.  The men in Black America are not innocent is this ruckus neither.  It is them who have sat back and watched its women destroy the minds of their sons without saying a word.  It is the men who will lie with a woman whom they see with their own eyes relaying an effeminate message to our sons.  The men will totally ignore their manhood and the sanctity of it for a miserable roll in the hay with whomever gives him more than 10 minutes of attention.  It is the men who sit in these churches quiet………..hushed…….ignoring the transformation they see in our male youth.  They don’t speak up for fear of falling out of good graces with their women.  SHAME ON YOU BLACK MAN OF BLACK AMERICA.  YOUR WOMAN HAS TURNED YOUR SONS INTO LOVERS OF EFFEMINATE ATTIRE WHICH INEVITABLY FORCES EFFEMINATE MANNERISMS AS BEING NORMAL.

In closing, how dare Black America impose its sanctions on Jaden Smith without sanctioning itself.  It is impossible to take your issues seriously when all you do is pick and choose when morality and virtue become mandates.  Black America has become a nest haven of dissemblers predicated on mocking and decapitating anyone chosing to speak LOGIC into existence.  Jaden Smith dressing as a girl for money is not THE issue.  THE ISSUE is the amount of energy spent on our sons deceiving them into accepting normality from an effeminate perspective.  Sure………the entirety of Black America is not part of this problem.  Mathematically, if 6 outta 10 women think Jaden Smith is wrong for dressing as a girl while simultaneously advocating effeminate mannerisms in their sons, then MAJORITY RULES TRUMP your illogical renditions called feelings.

Black America………WAKE UP……..WAKE UP……..WAKE UP!  What am I saying?  Black America is doing this nonsense wide awake.  Black America says money is more important than morality.  Black America sacrifices its very own children for social status.  Black America defies its religious precepts for societal status.  Again, Jaden Smith isn’t your problem Black America, YOU ARE YOUR OWN PROBLEM, and Jaden Smith is merely an appendage of Black America.  You should be proud for him and his family.  Isn’t money the ultimate symbol for celebration in Black America?