As a young Moor trying to get your bread right, you need to have the best investment strategy for a person hustling on the come up.  You don’t have time to get wrapped up into overly, complex investment structured vehicles, because you have to split time between investing, making cash flow, and enjoying life.  Investments should be concise, clear cut, and mathematically sound.  The key to developing the best investment strategy for yourself is first understanding what different types of investments are out there.

The Basic Investment Categories:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Stocks & Bonds
  3. Commodities
  4. Precious Metals
  5. Foreign Currency Exchange

As a young Moor, it is your duty and obligation to familiarize yourself with these basic aspects of investments. Understanding these aspects will enable you to make correct decisions with your money and increase it exponentially.  People will tell you to save your money, but it’s much better to invest it, because money that isn’t working for you is working against you.  If you have a passion for being an entrepreneur, you should keep your business endeavors separate from your investment career.

Meaning, you should have a separate hustle or business that funds or feeds your investment endeavors.  They are essentially two different tracks on the same railroad.  This will allow you to utilize your investments in a manner that provides you the capability to always be able to fund your ideas or ambitions.  You don’t need to utilize these big time trade investment companies.   Most of them are corrupt and cannot wait to steal your money.   Hedge and bet against what they tell you to invest in.

It’s up to you to do your due diligence as it pertains to background research into what investments are viable options.  Keep in mind when you are investing, you will lose money from time to time, and that is a part of the game.  The goal is to stay the course.  Money is a highly emotional object, so you have to make sure you have discipline to make the right decisions when the markets are volatile.

At this point, I will give you some quick insight into the 5 basic investment categories you should delve into, and how to approach investing as a young Moor, as well as, some cool sites to utilize.  Keep in mind you can invest in all categories simply using apps that give you around the clock access to your investment accounts.

Exterior of home with 'for sale' sign in front yard


Real Estate is the basis of all commerce, because without land and property there would be nothing.  I don’t think young Moors should invest in real estate the traditional way; simply, because there is too much Mortgage fraud with  banks that is consuming the viability of investing in real estate in the traditional sense.  Young Moors should instead seek to buy land and develop it sustainably.  That is the future of real estate in the United States and Abroad(LEED Certified Buildings).

If Moors are to get in on real estate investment from a traditional sense, they should not get mortgages.  Rather buy the Notes, and/or educate themselves on the massive mortgage fraud schemes being carried out by MERS Corp, and use that knowledge to acquire property without going through the traditional channels.  Young Moors should especially look into investing in real estate; particularly, land in foreign countries, because that is where they stand to gain the most upside and profit with emerging markets.

Emerging Markets are not as sophisticated with their real estate systems as in the United States,  and most of them aspire to get to that point.  It’s best to get in now while the getting is good.  Also, it is important to take intopaper-stock.ju_.top_ consideration that the powers that be are working on a system to allow regular folks to invest, trade, buy, and sell these mortgage e-notes in the same manner as one would with stocks.


Stocks and Bonds are the basis for investing in someone’s company, idea, or project.  For starters, young Moors should invest in companies and products African Americans predominately buy.  You simply cannot lose with this formula as it pertains to stocks, because African Americans spend $1.3 trillion yearly as consumers.  Therefore, it stands to reason that whatever companies they spend their money with will stay afloat.  As it pertains to stock value, their customer base will essentially always consume their products.