Since I have recognized and authenticated my Moorish Identity a decade ago, I have come across a lot of nonsense regarding Moorish Identity.  From lone wolf individuals, to sects, and scattered groups, I have seen it all and heard it all!  I must say no one is on point or sharp as us (Murakush Society) when it comes to discussions pertaining to the legal status, history, identity of the Moors, and more specifically, American Moors.


Many people are just coming into the knowledge they are Moors or descendants of Moors.  Many have known for quite sometime.  The reality is that although there are many people who are aware of their Moorish ancestry, there is still some very strong, dark clouds surrounding their mentalities as it pertains to making Moorish Identity and history applicable in every day life. There have been major misconceptions surround this topic!   The book compiled and organized via thorough research by El Aemer The Moor of New Jersey titled, “Introduction To Moorish Race & Nationality“, completely destroys myths that have suffocated Moorish heritage for so many years. The Moorish Science Temple of America and other organizations would have people believe that one needs to be a member of their organization in order to be a Moor, but this is simply not true. The Chapters of the book are as follows: 

Chapter One: Moor Is A Race

Chapter Two: Moor Is A Nationality (National Origin)

Chapter Three: Moors Are A Black Skinned White Rac

Chapter Four: Relevance Of Nationality (National Origin) And “Race” To Criminal Jurisdiction And Tribunal’

Chapter Five: Evidence Of The Denationalization Of The Moors ……..

Chapter Six:Moor” Actually Means “Westerner”

Chapter Seven: Indigenous Claims Of “American Moors

snJoining an organization doesn’t make one a Moor per se as the term qualifies as a Race and Nationality. There are also people who say Nationality is free, so anyone who charges a person money in regards to Nationality is a crook. That is also a misconception.  The underlying issue here is that there is a lack of a Moorish Government which would certify and substantiate the Moorish Claim on behalf of the individuals claiming it. Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people. I know of one faction of Moors who are doing this legitimately, and that is Murakush Caliphate of America.  There are many groups out there asserting claims they have the only correct process, and that everyone else is frauds.  As I have said before, I have been around a while and most of the paperwork and processes pertaining to the Moors comes from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s from the Great Seal Moors. Most paperwork is rehashed and copied from older templates.  Most of the people don’t even read what they have and fact check to see if what they are carrying is even legitimate.


Most of them have case law in it that is actually not consistent with what case law says.  There is a lot of confusion, but the fact remains, Moorish Identity and Status is as real as they come, and more beneficial than the Black, Negro, or African American status and identity. The statutory meaning of Government includes Corporation or Association carrying out the function of Government. So do not let someone tell you that corporations are evil, and that an organic government is better and sovereign; whereas, a corporation cannot be.  Corporations are ancient and have always been tools of the sovereign.

Organic Government
is just a pretty word used by people who still follow the nonsense of the Sovereign Citizen movement.  That is also a problem.  American Moors have adopted Christian ideology as it pertains to government rather than Islam which actually secures the rights of Moors. I am not even scratching the surface, but I will end things here. Purchase the book and watch the video so you can enlighten yourself as to what Moorish Race and Nationality actually is.  The book is jammed pack with sources, references, and case law.