The goji fruit is obtained from the goji plant, which flourishes in Asia, specifically the western part of China, Tibet and Mongolia. The goji fruit that is found to be of the highest quality is the kind that thrives in the heights of the Himalayas.

Goji is a small red fruit that grows on the goji shrub. The fruit can be ingested in a number of ways – it can be eaten directly, dried or squeezed into a drinkable juice. Other names for variations of the goji fruit include wolfberry or boxthorn.

Health Benefits of Goji

– Strengthen the heart and alleviate heart palpitations

– Fights insomnia and forgetfulness

– Contains polysaccharides which control the pituitary glands that produce HGH (human growth hormone) which is a powerful anti-aging hormone

– Can be used by pregnant women to alleviate morning sickness.

– Has in clinical trials shown a partial reversal in sexual dysfunction in seniors

– Used to boost the function of the immune system

– Has some anti-cancer properties and has been successfully used to treat hepatitis-B

– Has been used successfully for weight loss

– Helps the body detox, cleans the blood and build the immune system.

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