Recent reports show that more Americans bike to work now than ever before. If you feel like you see more cyclists on the road, that’s probably because the number of people who bike to work has jumped by about 60 percent in less than two decades. That doesn’t even include the people who bike for fun.

Why the sudden surge in commuting via bike? There are a lot of benefits to riding a bike. Many people have just started to realize that they can reap those benefits while eliminating the worst parts of their days: sitting in traffic during rush hour.


Cycling Burns Calories and Has a Short Recovery Time


When it comes to the health benefits of exercise, it’s hard to beat what you get from cycling.

Researchers studying the differences between long-distance runners and long-distance cyclists found that cyclists get more exercise while experiencing considerably less wear and tear on the body.

Running long distances burns a lot of calories, but the heavy impact on pavement or dirt stresses the body. Cycling doesn’t have that downside.

That means cyclists can get longer workouts with faster recovery times.

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